The 73rd Hunger Games

This is the story of what happened before Katniss and Peeta went into the game. This is the 73rd hunger games and Clace, Jay, Wilge and Zafire are fighting to survive.


2. The interview

Our mentor, Chuck, won many years ago. He told us stories of his games many times, to the point whet it became annoying, because I already knew about his games through my DEAD brother. I like Chuck, he is really cool, but Jay doesn't seem to like his advice. Last night they had a conversation that sounded like "Wait, so you want us to intimidate the other tributes, but at the same time make the Capitol love us so we get sponcerers?"

Then Chuck would say "Yeah, pretty much." They were going on and on about it. I was just sitting there enjoying the food and the entertaining argument. I get out of bed and get ready for the interviews. I splash my face with water, I hear the door open. I grab a knife that I took from the table last night.

I jump out from the bathroom and put the knife to the intruder's neck. "Woah, easy it's just me" Jay says, I relax and lower my knife. "Why are you here?" I demand, "I was just checking on you, making sure your prepared." I nod, sure you were Jay. "I'm probably more prepared than you," I tease, although it's 100% percent true, He laughs. "I'm going to get changed now, you should do the same," I say, he nods and leaves. I put the knife back and go over to the closet. I look inside and find a dark green dress.

It has one thick strap and a flower on the strap. It also has a clear spaghetti strap (request from me). I get dressed and find silver heels, that I wear to be closer to Jay's hight. Although he is only two inches taller than me, and these are four inch heels. I find silver earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet, I wear the necklace and earrings. I curl my hair and put it half up. I look in the mirror and I look pretty, and not intimidating, which makes it all the more easy to be intimidating, because the other tributes will under estimate me.

"Time to go" Chuck says, I walk outside and see Jay wearing a light blue shirt, grey pants, a navy tie, and a grey blazer. "Wow, you look beautiful." He says "You don't look that bad yourself" I say. "Alright let's go." Chuck says he whispers something to Jay, I manage to over hear it "Remember be intimidating."

Jay nods. If he listens to it, that would be amazing. The hallway outside the elevator is long, we walk down it silently. When we approach the end, the district 1 tributes are already there. There is a small tv, that is currently not showing anything. "Hello allies" the boy says. "My name is Wilge, and this is the lovely Zafire." She elbows him in the stomach.

"Just because we are cousins, doesn't mean you can make fun of me" Zafire says "I'm not making fun of you, I'm complementing you," Wilge says mockingly. "Yeah ok." The conversation drops, "What are your names?" Zaire asks. "I'm Jay" "Clace" I say. "Ooh, I like her. " Wilge says, Jay stiffens. "We are going to be great friends. What do you think Zafire" "Uh-huh.....yeah" Jay looks like he's about to lose it.

"How old are you?" "I'm 17" Wilge says, "Shut up, no your not. Your only 16, nice try though," Zafire says, "I'm about to be 17" he protests "Yeah happy early birthday," Zafire says sarcastically, "I'm 16 also. What about you?" She replies, I nudge Jay he snaps out if his trance, or whatever it was, and surprisingly he answers very calmly "I'm 15," "14" I say.

"Wow, youngest tribute, and so far the most interesting, and attractive" Wilge says Jay stiffens again. Zafire sees, and punches Wilge. "Anyway, what's taking the other tributes so long, are they scared of us or something, I mean if I were them I would be scared of us too, especially Clace." I smile, Jay notices, I quickly give him an 'I'm sorry' gaze, he doesn't notice.

A few minutes later more tributes start coming, "About time" Wilge mumbles. It wasn't just one district at a time, it was groups of two or three districts. The tributes talked a little, us and district 1 stayed quiet. Then A man appeared on screen, his hair was artificially turquoise. He introduced himself as Caesar Flickerman. Then he calls Wilge on stage.

He smiles then winks at me, Zafire rolls her eyes. He appears on screen. "This should be interesting" Zafire whispers. "Hello Wilge, how are you?""Fantastic" Wilge replies confidentially, "Great! Now tell me, do you think you are prepared for the games?" "Oh yes, defiantly, I mean, I did volunteer right? I have to be prepared. My fellow careers are as well. Better watch out for Clace, that girl is, well, more prepared and ready for this than all of us. If I was a different tribute from another district I would be terrified of her."

"Thank you Wilge." They talk more about other things, Wilge continues to intimidate the other tributes, and win over the Capitol. A standing ovation is followed when he leaves, he bows then exits. "That is my cousin" Zafire says "How?" She asks herself. "Your next," Wilge says to Zafire. "How was I? Good?" "Amazing? I guess. " he looks at me with confusion "I'm just kidding, you were fantastic" I say mostly to get on Jay's nerves, which works.

"Oh and, thanks for starting me off with intimidation." "No problem" he says. I miss most of Zafire's interview, because I'm not paying attention, I'm looking at Jay. He is staring at the screen, but he doesn't seem to be listening, he looks like he is in deep thought. When I hear applause, I jump. Jay steels a quick glance at me, before I can really notice he turns back to the screen. I walk on stage and Caesar says "Clace, lovely to have you here."

"Thank you" I say. "Tell me how does it feel to be the youngest tribute, in this years games?" "Well I think it gives me an advantage, because no matter what I say up here, I still think the other tributes might underestimate me, naturally that is what I want. Like you heard earlier, I'm prepared, I'm more than prepared, it's like I was born to go into the hunger games."

Alright, I admit I was sugar coating the intimidation a little to much, but what can I say, intimidation is my specialty. I follow up with an attempt to make the Capitol love me, "I mean being in the capital is any district girl's dream, getting dressed up in elaborate dresses, and being around all the other Capitol folk, you would think we would feel out of place, but I feel right at home, at the Capitol. You make me feel like I belong even If you don't know it."

A collective awwwww fills the room. I touched their hearts and intimidated the other tributes. "Why thank you for that Clace, good luck in the games" I mouth a thank you, because cheers erupt and a standing ovation is followed as I exit. Score, I have the Capitol people right where I want them. When I return back to the hallway, it's like a whole different world, the tributes look, actually, scared. I smile, someone cowers.

Jay comes, and I whisper "good luck" to him, he nods and disappears. I stand next to the other careers. "Clace, you were fantastic, I even was intimidated, for a moment, then I realized you were on my team, so I became relaxed," Wilge says, "You do know I will eventually have to kill you," I remind him, "Yes sadly, but I will die proudly knowing the greatest tribute killed me, and that she will win." Zafire rolls her eyes, "Stop flirting with her" she says, I laugh.

Wilge smiles when sees that I have laughed. I pay attention to Jay, looks like I missed a few questions, but I hear Caesar ask "So the games are you prepared?" "Yes, defiantly, although I wish I could stay in the Capitol and not go into the games, and stay with..." "With who?" "Stay with my family" Jay says, a collective awww fills the room again, yup, defiantly a Capitol boy.

He finishes his interview and he also gets a standing ovation. Although the other tributes don't quite act the same way they did for me. I caught someone pointing at me as Jay was walking towards me. I give them a stare that says 'I'm going to kill you first' there eyes widen and they move behind there district partner.

I smile. "Let's go" Chuck comes and says. "You two need your sleep." He's right we do, we walk up the stairs and I see Wilge wink at me at the last second. Which makes me smile, Jay doesn't notice, thank goodness.

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