The 73rd Hunger Games

This is the story of what happened before Katniss and Peeta went into the game. This is the 73rd hunger games and Clace, Jay, Wilge and Zafire are fighting to survive.


3. The games

I'm standing on a pedestal, staring at the weapons set around the cornucopia. I brake my stare to look at the other tributes. I first spot Zafire, then Wilge, and finally my eyes set on Jay. He turns and meets my gaze, 'good luck' he mouths, I nod. I look up at the clock and see that there are 10 seconds left. I stand ready and wait for the moment when I can sprint off of the pedestal. I hear a siren like noise and step off the pedestal. I jolt awake. I look around, and see that I am in my room. I walk into the bathroom to wash my face and get a glass of water. What a dream. I take my glass of water outside, and sit down by the window. I lean my head against the cold glass. Then I hear footsteps, I turn to see Jay appear. He sits across from me, I smile "looks like I'm not the only one who is awake" He says. I laugh a little, "how could anyone sleep before the games?" I question, Jay nods "you have a very good point" he says, I smile. "I think Wilge has a thing for me" he laughs "Clearly." We sit there for a few more minutes, I start to get tired, so I move across the window, so I can lay on Jay. Once I rest my head on him, he breaths out and his body loosens. I close my eyes. Before I know it I hear Chucks voice "rise and shine tributes, we have to get ready for the games" I sit up and Jay sighs. We eat and I go into my room to shower. I put the water really hot, and embrace it, because this could be the last hot shower I take for a while. I get out and dry myself. I get a t-shirt and shorts on, what we were told to wear. I add a smart touch, I take a red bandanna and wrap some band aids in it so I could have them for the games, I tie it around my head. I walk outside my room. And I see Jay. He looks like a warrior who is going to kill everyone in his sight. "Wow, you look very intimidating" I say, "as do you Clace," he says, I smile. "Alright tributes this will be the last you two see of each other before the games, so give each other a hand shake," Chuck says. I take Jays hand and shake it, I keep a serious intimidating face and don't make eye contact. "Good luck" Jay whispers, "and may the odds be ever in your favor" I whisper back. We go down separate elevators Chuck goes with Jay and Kevin comes with me. We don't talk at all on the way down. The silence continues as we exit the elevator and walk into the room where I'm supposed to leave for the arena. Only once the door is closed and we are inside does Kevin speak "I haven't said much because I was told you are really smart, so I thought you wouldn't need any advice except for what I'm about to tell you which is very important. Your allies are the two tributes from district 1 and Jay, your gonna want to meet up with them straight away as soon as the blood bath is over. Don't go to far away from the cornucopia because you will have trouble meeting up if you do." Of course I already knew all of this. "Well it's time to go so good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor" he gestures towards the tube. I step inside and it closes, up I go into the arena. Once I get up my eyes have to adjust to the light, I see the cornucopia in front of me. I take a look at my surroundings, there is Forrest surrounding the cornucopia but ruins of buildings on the outside, and who knows what else. I look at the other tributes trying to find my allies. I see Wilge and Zafire first, they aren't next to each other but are close, then I spot Jay on the other side of me he is fairly far but that's ok. I loose track of time, so when I look back up at the cornucopia I see that there are 10 seconds left, I start to remember my dream. I look back down and count the seconds in my head in time with the beat of the seconds ticking down they have set up. I see some throwing knives and a bow, which I would only take after the knives. Five seconds left, I brace myself getting ready to leap off and sprint. I start to think of Jay and wonder what Chuck told him. I hear a siren blare out signaling for us to go, I step off the pedestal and run towards the knives.

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