The 73rd Hunger Games

This is the story of what happened before Katniss and Peeta went into the game. This is the 73rd hunger games and Clace, Jay, Wilge and Zafire are fighting to survive.


4. The games 2

I take as many knives as I can hold, and look for targets. I see a girl running away I run towards her then throw my knife at her, it hits her in the back and she falls, a cannon sounds booms throughout the air. I turn around and I see tons of other tributes fighting, and I see Zafire and Wilge fighting other tributes as the tributes fall cannons go off. I look for Jay, and I don't see him, I panic. I look everywhere, killing off a couple tributes here and there, two boys and another girl. Soon I see Jay behind the cornucopia, but another boy is choking him while holding Jay's struggling body slightly off the ground and against the cornucopia. I trow my knife at the boy, before I realize what I am doing, the boy falls to the ground, I throw another, and a cannon bombs through the air. Jay is breathing heavily trying to catch his breath "thanks" he manages to get out, "let's go talk to Wilge and Zafire, hopefully most of the other tributes that aren't dead, ran away." We walk back to the front of the cornucopia to find Zafire holding two backpacks and Wilge holding another two. "It's about time you two showed up" Zafire says, "it's a long story" I say "I'm sure it is, I mean we are in the hunger games right?" This came from Wilge, I nod. Zafire handed me one of the backpacks she was holding and Wilge hands one to Jay as well. I put the knives that I didn't use in there and put some extra, along with a dagger, the bow and arrows, and a small sword. In the bag already there are matches a rope, a saw knife and a bandana, which I tie onto my backpack to signify it is mine. Once everyone searches through their backpacks to see what items they have, we end up with many useful tools. Matches, rope, four empty water bottles, a saw knife, sleeping bags, tarp, and a cutting knife. "Why don't we stay in the woods to find water, then maybe we can explore the ruins and try to see where the edge of the force field is" as soon as I say that sone cannons go off and it starts getting darker. "Good idea lets go" Wilge says. We start walking and the sky gets darker as we walk further. Occasionally we will stop incase of a noise we heard. Soon I start to hear a noise, it is faint at first hard to tell but after walking a little father I can tell the noise is defiantly there. "Stop, I hear water. A stream not to far away come on" I gesture. Everyone picks up there pace into a run, the noise of the stream gets louder and louder as we get closer, "look" I say and I point up wards. The stream lies just ahead, I stop once I reach it I indulge in the coolness of the water, drinking as much as I can, the other careers catch up. I am already filling my water bottle by the time they get there. They do the same thing I did, everyone fills up there bottles and washes there faces because it is quite humid. We cross the river and walk on the other side for a little and set up camp.

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