The 73rd Hunger Games

This is the story of what happened before Katniss and Peeta went into the game. This is the 73rd hunger games and Clace, Jay, Wilge and Zafire are fighting to survive.


5. Night Time

The night is a blanket of darkness, with the many stars that light up the arena. The moon is illuminating enough light that I can see Wilge, Zafire, and Jay sleeping around me. I got the first shift, I was told to wake anyone up if I saw something. They trust me not to kill them, and I won't, not yet. I hear a noise, and stand my guard I see the glint of a javelin and duck just in time. I through my knife to precisely where the javelin was thrown from. I hear a grunt then a cannon, success. Wilge wakes up, "Oh shit!!!" He says, "What's wrong?" I say going over to him. "Oh my god!!" I gasp, in his shin the javelin rests upright. It looks as if it went all the way through his leg. The commotion has woken Zafire and Jay up, they had similar reactions to mine. "What are we going to do?" Zafire asks, "I have to pull it out" I say, "No way" Wilge says, "If I don't pull it out, your leg could get infected, the infection could spread, then we would have to cut off your leg, so the infection wouldn't kill you. Now if you want to die this early in the games I'll leave it in, I hope you had a nice life." Wilge has panic in his eyes, but at the same time I can tell he is thinking. "Take it out" I nod and yank the javelin out, it's covered in blood and I can feel my hand touch the liquid warmth of it. I shutter and rest the javelin on the ground. "Go wash up in the water" I tell Wilge, "Alone?" He asks, "Well duh" "But but-" "Awww is little Wilge afraid of the dark" Zafire teases. "I'll go with him. In case some monsters try to get you" "Can I hold your hand if I get scared" Wilge joins in on the joke, "Sure, you poor little baby." Jay drops his head to the ground. I help Wilge up, and I support him, he already holds my hand. His hand is cold, but I don't mind, I find I actually like the coldness if it. I can feel Jay's jealousy on Wilge as we go to the stream. They can't see us once we get there, if someone were to come, I would have to protect Wilge, because he is defenseless. Wilge eases himself into the water, I untie my bandanna, the band aids fall out. I collect them and put them into my backpack, which I always keep with me. I scrub the cut, until it looks clean, I then wrap the bandanna tightly, but being careful not to cut of circulation, around Wilge's shin. "Clace" he says "What?" I say "Thank you" "Sure" then we hear a cannon. I freak out, Wilge does too. I run back to our camp Wilge limping behind, I had to run without him. I needed to see if Jay was.... We get to the camp and I see Zafire's dead body on the ground, and a trail of blood leading away, from the site. I check Zafire's bag, but it seems as if all of it's contents have been removed. I hear Wilge breathing heavily closely behind me. I turn around and look at him, a tear streams down his face. "Wilge" I start, "Welcome to the hunger games" he says, his voice shallow. "Where's Jay?" I shrug. "I can try to track him, but I don't think leaving you behind is a good idea." Wilge stares at the sky. "Kill. Me." Wilge says, I look at him in disbelief. "What?!!" "Remember how I said when I was to die I would be proud that it was the best tribute in the arena to kill me. So I'm asking you Clace to kill me." I'm so baffled, but I know it needs to be done. "I'll try to make it not painful" I say as I take the dagger out of my bag. Wilge breaths and closes his eyes. I get close to him, I put my arm on his shoulder, and place the dagger on his stomach. Wilge gulps, then sighs. I take my hand back and plunge it into his stomach, Wilge grunts, I can feel the warm blood oozing over my hand. I extract the knife, and let Wilge down slowly. I watch the life drain out of his eyes, and the sound of the cannon going off. I find that a tear has escaped my eye, but I need to stay with the task at hand. I have to find Jay, he's probably injured and bleeding a lot. I'll try to follow his blood trail in the morning. Tonight I sleep next to Wilge's dead body. I have the scary thought creep into my mind that whoever killed Zafire is still out there, and he/she might just be ready to kill me.

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