The 73rd Hunger Games

This is the story of what happened before Katniss and Peeta went into the game. This is the 73rd hunger games and Clace, Jay, Wilge and Zafire are fighting to survive.


10. Last Stop

Holy crap, district 1 is like a mini version of the Capitol, of course without all the elaborate clothes and make up, but they get close. Everything fancy is just lying around, but it looks as if it was on purpose. "Welcome to the luxury district" Chuck says, I already knew district 1 was luxury, but I wasn't expecting this. "You ready? Your going on in ten." I take a deep breath, I'm not ready to face Wilge's parents(and possibly a sibling or two). I get announced, and step out, I am greeted by two faces on the screen, Wilge's and Zafire's. I still don't know how Zafire died, I'll have to ask Jay. I see under Zafire's screen her mom and three girls, one of the girls looks to be 17, another girl twelve and the last probably 6, her dad must have died. I see under Wilge's screen an older boy probably 17, and a younger boy probably 10, no mom or dad. His parents are dead two. I gulp and take another deep breath. "Hello, everyone. I can't say how honored I am to be up here, to have won this year's games." Blah blah blah, tradition tradition tradition. I'm sick of all this bull shit. "Wilge was a funny guy, he was always humble and really helped me out. Zafire was really nice and a great fighter. When Wilge asked me to kill him in the arena, I was surprised and didn't want to, but then he said, and I quote "When I was to die I would be honored if I knew it was the best tribute in the arena to kill me" so I figured I owed this to him." I pause not wanting to continue, not wanting to remember the blood..."I'm sorry for your looses, your kids and siblings fought hard." Ending with the traditional "Panem today, Panem tomorrow, Panem forever" crap. I exit, and Chuck glares at me. "What?" I say, "You are a terrible actor" he whispered. "You just said I was good" I protest, "now that I've seen the real thing, you are terrible" he whispers back. We get on the train, I can't help but to have questions swirling in my head. "Chuck do you know Wilge's older brother or Zafire's older sister?" I ask he shrugs. "Ask you know who", "ask me what" I jump in surprise when Jay walks into the train car from a different train car. "Hey" he says to me. "Do you know who Zafire's older sister is?" I ask him. "Yeah she told me about her, uhh, Glimmer, I think her name was." "Wilge?" "Sadly yes I do. His older brothers name is Marvel, he's been training Wilge since their parents died." "Oh" I say, Wilge's story is exactly like mine, only his brothers are still alive, but then again he isn't. Get some rest we will be at the Capitol in two hours. "Jay wake me up in one hour." I say as I exit the train car, and go to the other train car with my room. I'm not even faltered by it's decor anymore, I've become accustomed(slightly) to the Capitol style. I lay on the bed, don't even bother unmaking it. I lie there and find sleep quickly(surprisingly). I am woken up by Jay exactly one hour later, I'm still hazy when I am woken up, but I get up and dressed quickly. I have this orange dress on that goes up to just above my knees. There is a little pink on the top mixing in with the orange nicely. Slight sparkles are all over the bottom of the dress(under the bust line). I put on nude sandals, and add a touch of make up, accenting my natural features just like I did for the ceremony before this hell ride began. Jay walks in as I am placing silver tear drop earrings in my ears. "Wow, you look amazing" I turn around and my breath catches. Jay is wearing black pants and black blazer, an orange shirt(matching my dress) and a black bow tie. "You clean up nicely" I tell Jay trying to collect myself. His blue ish eyes clash so well with his outfit, woah. Did that just happen, did I just think that? "Shall we?" He says holding out his arm, "we have like half an hour before we have to be there" I say. "Actually no we have five minutes." "What?!!! I'm pretty sure it didn't take me almost an hour to get ready "You are correct, it only took you almost thirty minutes." I understand what he did, "You woke me up thirty minutes after I requested." I say, he hides a smile. "It doesn't matter now, tributes welcome to the Capitol" Chuck says.

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