The 73rd Hunger Games

This is the story of what happened before Katniss and Peeta went into the game. This is the 73rd hunger games and Clace, Jay, Wilge and Zafire are fighting to survive.


6. Careers

I am awoken by the sound of a cannon, I am surprised I'm not dead, and also hoping that that cannon didn't signify Jay's death. I get up and find Jay's blood trail. It has dried a little since I saw it last night, but it is still easy to follow. As I walk, I try to figure out what will happen when I have to kill Jay, then it hits me I come up with this master plan, that will only work if Jay's in on it. Malec would be so proud of this rebellious idea. I find Jay, he is standing up and breathing hard, across from him is a dead body with one of Zafire's knives in his chest. "Your still alive?" I ask in question. "I am, how are you?" "I thought you were dead." "Same after I heard that cannon go off last night." I drop my head, "What? Wait where is-" "He's dead. I killed him. That was the cannon you heard" Jay nods, I feel a tear threatening to escape. "I'm glad that your alive" "You won't be for long" I tell him. "First I need explanation. There was a blood trail, are you okay?" "Yeah actually, I just cut my hand to help you find me if you were still alive." "That was really smart" "Why thank you" Jay says getting a little cocky on purpose to try and cheer me up, but it doesn't work so he changes the subject. "What is this about me dying soon?" I perk up ready to reveal my plan, I look around for cameras find one and trow a rock at it. I find the mike not to far away from the camera I rip it out and crush it with my foot, then throw it farther into the woods. "Okay we're good now" "That was for what now?" Jay asks. I smile, "To share with you my brilliant plan of course." "Go on." "Ok so obviously, we can't both make it out alive with the game maker knowing, so I say we pull of a stunt. I cut you arm from your wrist to your elbow, I then modify your tracker so it can't pick up any pulse, then proceed to put the blood on your shirt, and make it look like I stabbed you, you might feel the tip of the blade hit your stomach, but that's all. A cannon will go off. You have to be a good dead person, when the game makers' helpers come to pick you up in a hover craft. Once on the hover craft you take out all of the people on it, fly it to district 2, where you and Kevin will destroy it. If it works you will see me come out alive. If it doesn't I will be killed, and so will you." There is a moment of silence as Jay processes everything I told him. "Wow that really is brilliant, I hope we can pull it off." I smile, "Jay, don't you know anything about me, we are defiantly pulling this off." He smiles. "We need to go closer to the cornucopia. Don't die before I kill you" I tell Jay "Thanks?" He replies. We walk towards the cornucopia, I hope no one decides to attack us, but if they come alone we have a sure advantage. "How many tributes are left." Jay asks me as we walk. I count in my head before answering. "Four, I think. Maybe five." He nods. "If there is five when I die you will have to kill three, who knows if they are together or not. If there are four left, lucky you, you only have to kill two people, if they are together I know you can single handedly kill them both." I smile. I start to see the cornucopia, we are walking past some pretty messed up buildings, that if they aren't completely collapsed already, look like they are about to fall. It reminds me of what Panem used to be like right after the war before they rebuilt everything and created these stupid games. That was 73 years ago, and no one has bothered changing it, wow. Some people. We get to the edge of the forest, I cut Jay's arm from his wrist to his elbow. Luckily the tracker is in that arm, I set the pulse detector and motion detector to go off in exactly 1 minute. The count down begins. 60, I put the tracker in it's original place. 50, I put blood on Jay's tee shirt, a lot so it looks like I stabbed him in the stomach. 35, I proceed to push Jay into the clearing, and put on a good show. 20, Jay pretends to struggle against my hold, I stay firm, making it look like I'm fighting hard. 10, I hold my dagger over Jays body. 5, I pretend to plunge it into his stomach, Jay cries out. 3, I twist the knife. 2, Jay begins to go limp. 1, his tracker stops receiving pulse and motion, a cannon goes off signaling that our plan is 1/2 way done. I drag Jay's body back a little into the forest. I leave his body and hunt for the other tributes that are left. Watch out I'm coming.

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