The 73rd Hunger Games

This is the story of what happened before Katniss and Peeta went into the game. This is the 73rd hunger games and Clace, Jay, Wilge and Zafire are fighting to survive.


11. Capitol Party

(Jay's POV)...We step off the train, Clace's arm is wrapped around mine, she squeezes my arm when we get to the stairs going up to the party. She must be just as nervous as I am. I had my doubts about her plan, I didn't think we would get this far. "Enjoy your time at the Capitol tributes, or shall I say victors" Chuck says. Kevin leads us through the crowd of people, he's only been apart of the plan recently. I can't but help hearing all of the gasps come from the Capitol people, when they see that I'm alive, Clace looks at me with nervousness in her eyes. I try to act not nervous and happy in front of her, to make her feel better. I flash a smile at her, she looks forward. I wonder if she knows how beautiful she looks tonight. The color of her dress looks great on her. We get to this long table where a ton of food is lined up, next to it is the crowded dance floor. "Wow" I hear Clace say, "The Capitol really does go all out for the party" she adds, which makes me laugh, I know she was never fond of the games or anything that had to do with them. She's been on the rebellious side since her brother died, and I stepped in to(of course) join her. "You hungry?" I ask, she nods her head. "Let's eat" we go over to the table and take so much food, I don't think we can eat it all. Kevin comes over to where Clace and I are standing, "Here" he says handing us both a glass filled with purply pink liquid. "What is this?" I ask, "It will help you eat" Kevin says. I look at Clace she sets her glass down, I have a great idea. "Clace may I have this dance?" I say, setting down my plate. I hold out my left hand, she excepts, we step onto the dance floor, I pull her into a waltz hold. "Jay I don't know how to dance" she says," I look at her, her gorgeous brown ish gold eyes stay with mine, "I don't think that will be a problem" I say, guiding her around, she manages to keep up, and becomes quite good really fast. "Your actually good at this" I tell her, she smiles "Only because I had an excellent teacher" I feel heat rise to my cheeks. The music stops we turn to where President Snow is standing on his balcony. "Shall we?" I say, I hold out my arm Clace takes it and we walk towards the President, he hasn't seen me yet, I can't wait until when he does. He hushes everyone, "Tonight marks the end of the victory tour. Where we have our victor Clace Altan attend this fine festival." He points to where we are standing and a slight light comes on us. President Snow sees me, I can tell because his face drains the little color that he had. He holds complete shock and I can see a hint of confusion. I see Clace smile, which makes me smile. Wow she really is incredible her plan worked. Small gasps come from the crowd as everyone realizes what is happening. President Snow manages to break the silence, "Let's continue the celebration" he says not addressing me. Clace looks at me I smile, "You did it! Nice plan" I say she shakes her head "We did it, that plan worked because of you" I find myself blushing, so I get a little cocky. "Why thank you, I guess I preformed well because your genius plan worked" I add a complement at the end, she smiles as a slight blush reaches her face. Then her smile fades as she remembers something, I'm guessing. "Jay, I never found out how Zafire died" I freeze, the memory comes flashing back, of Zafire trying to kill me, and me throwing her off me, but only then realizing I stabbed her in the gut. Her eyes filled with sorrow and surprise as she hit the ground, then the life draining out of them. Then the cut of the knife on my hand the warmth of it dripping through my fingers. The effort to make a trail. I shake the thoughts away, I see Clace staring at me, "You ok Jay?" "Yeah, Yeah" I say. "How was-" Clace starts the question again I cut her off "I...tried not to but..." I can't finish the thought, Clace seems to have figured it out, but I know her better than this, she'll want me to say it out loud, confess to my murder. "I killed her" there, the words are out, I can't take them back. Clace's face doesn't change she just nods. "I want to hear the whole story when we get to the victor's village." I nod, I know she killed Wilge, just like I killed Zafire, we killed our own allies, except each other.

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