Hi my name is Scarlett(usually called Scar by my friends). I'm 15 years old, I have Crystal blue eyes, and my hair is that of a Zoroark(who usually stays in the form of a mute teenage boy). My family is moving to the Johto region from Unova.


1. Prologue: The Move

Scarlett's P.O.V:

"When is the ship leaving?" I impatiently ask my mom.

"In an hour," she says as I help her load the last few things into the back of the car.

My friend Zoroark helps load the car too.

After we're done we all get into the car and Mum drives to the dock.

I must have taken a nap in the car because I have this vivid flashback.


It was two years ago, I was playing in the woods behind my house.

When I heard a cry of pain.

Me being who I am I had to go investigate.

When I found the source I see a Zoroark and she had a giant gash in her leg.

She looked at me and snarled at first, then stopped.

I took my bandana and I wrapped it around her leg.

She seemed to smile at me and she took something from out of her hair, An Egg.

Sometimes I can hear the voices of pokemon and I heard her say, 'Please take this egg and take good care of it. I can sense your good heart,' she said handing me the egg

My hair got in my face and she took the blue bead from out of her hair and put it in mine.

I held her claw as she took her last breath.

I covered her in a blanket of windflowers before leaving.

"I promise to protect this egg with my life," I said before leaving the forest.

"Scarlett! Scarlett wake up!" I hear my mom say as Thorn shakes me awake.

I open my eyes and were at the docks.

Us three all help carry the bags and boxes to the boat so none of the crew has to.

We settle in our room and I fall asleep snuggling Thorn.

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