Hi my name is Scarlett(usually called Scar by my friends). I'm 15 years old, I have Crystal blue eyes, and my hair is that of a Zoroark(who usually stays in the form of a mute teenage boy). My family is moving to the Johto region from Unova.


2. Chapter 1: Moving In

•Scarlett's P.O.V:

When I do wake up, were at Olivine City Port.

Thorn(in his human form) and I help Mum carry our bags and suitcases.

We carry them to outside the building and we just take in the sights.

"Where's the town were going to live in?" I ask Mum anxiously.

"New Bark Town," she answers.

"Do we have to walk?" I ask her as she pulls out her map.

Her eyes widen, "It's a bit of a distance but I think we'll be okay," she says smiling.

I groan and Thorn chuckles.

After a grueling 2 1/2 hour hike we finally get to New Bark Town.

Thorn is carrying me on his back and the suitcases are connected to each other like a train.

"Which one is ours again?" I ask mum as Thorn let's me down.

"It's the one next to Professor Oak's," she answers tiredly.

"Why did we even move? I liked Unova," I ask.

"Because I'm now the Professor's assistant," she answers as she opens the door of our 'house'.

Thorn and I bring our bags and suitcases upstairs and I flop onto the bed.

Thorn lays down next to me, "I hope I'll like it here," I say sighing.

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