One Choice Can TRANSFORM You.
One Choice Can DESTROY You.
One Choice Will DEFINE You.
Once Choice Can Revive You.
Tris Prior has been away for a while, watching over Tobias. Her sacrifices will make her new. Her bravery will make her stand. Her selflessness will make her heal, Her intelligence will fight herself out of the dome. Her choice, CAN revive you.


3. Chapter 3

  Tris Prior's POV

[Author's Note: I may not continue this since I kinda lost interest in Divergent ;-;]

 ONE more day. One more day until I unveil my faith. Worry runs through my mind. Would I be resurrected? What if I never see him again? I think to myself Come on. Be positive for once. "Please, you? Positive? That's like, not even possible." I turn and see a lady. Her tall build & tattoo brings me to a conclusion. "Tori? What are you doing here?" She leans against the white walls and kicks the wooden floors. "Turns out, they're deciding your fate earlier than you thought. Don't get too excited same thing happened to me." She huffs. Tori has been here for about a good 4 and a half years now. They thought she would be better off away from all the chaos and madness. She glances at the clock. "Hello? We have 2 minutes. We better start moving."

"Wait. Shouldn't I be prepared in a way?"

"Hmm..No. Appearance doesn't matter."

"Then what does?"



~~~Time Skip~~~


 "Tris Prior. You have been in the after for 1,094 days. That's quite a while." The chairman, Lisa, says. She sits with perfect posture and her brown hair brushed into a ponytail. She's wearing a black gown with a white cardigan on top. I become a little self conscious & straighten my pink shirt. "Let's observe what your friends are like without you." The screen turns on and is segmented into four screens. Caleb seems to be just fine. He holds a knife in the cafeteria he throws it at the ground. I look at the top right and see Christina. She's also holding up. She's currently teaching a little girl to walk. She also looks like Cara. "That's it Beatrice, just a few more steps." Did she name the kid after me? I shake my head and think it's some coincidence. It fades into the other panel and I see someone I don't remember. What catches my eye is the last screen. Tobias.

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