One Choice Can TRANSFORM You.
One Choice Can DESTROY You.
One Choice Will DEFINE You.
Once Choice Can Revive You.
Tris Prior has been away for a while, watching over Tobias. Her sacrifices will make her new. Her bravery will make her stand. Her selflessness will make her heal, Her intelligence will fight herself out of the dome. Her choice, CAN revive you.


2. Chapter 2

 Tobias Eaton's POV

   Everything has been bleak and shallow ever since Tris has left. She was the only reason I stayed in Dauntless. Maybe I can escape, I said. No I won't. Christina walks into the cafeteria a little after I do. She is one of the only people left. Cara, well she's a different story. She stayed in Dauntless to avoid plenty more chaos in Erudite. Every faction is corrupted but is being rebuilt. "Four? Are you still not over Tris? It has been almost three years. You can't spend your whole life in a shallow place." Her words echo in my mind. She's right. I have to move on. But how?

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