One Choice Can TRANSFORM You.
One Choice Can DESTROY You.
One Choice Will DEFINE You.
Once Choice Can Revive You.
Tris Prior has been away for a while, watching over Tobias. Her sacrifices will make her new. Her bravery will make her stand. Her selflessness will make her heal, Her intelligence will fight herself out of the dome. Her choice, CAN revive you.


1. Chapter 1

 Tris Prior's POV

  "Beatrice. You are an amazing girl. Dauntless made you a beautiful & strong young lady." My mother whispers. I have lived a wonderful life in the dome. After I got shot by David, I was sent here in a ghost form, still living. People say not to worry about Tobias, that he will someday join us here, But I can't wait. I just can't. I am watching over him currently. I see him sitting in the broken Dauntless apartment he had grown a heavy stubble covering his chin. He hasn't been that active since I came up here. He has been quiet and moved into a different unit. I cannot wait to join him, if I ever do. We have a faith decided when we spend 3 years here. They have to observe us and see if we can return, but I doubt that I would if I could. I only have a few more days until my 3 years have been marked. Tobias suddenly hits his head against the bed. I can hear his yells of frustration. I cannot bare to watch, but with little time left with him, I need this. "Tobias, it's me, Tris.", I whisper. "I still love you. I am right here." I see him look at the direction I am and he leaves.

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