He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


7. 7

The next day I awaken to Niall tickling my back.

"Hey that tickles"

"Morning sunshine. I didn't know you had dimples at the bottom of your spine".

"I find them weird. I roll over and look in my mirror and shriek.

I get up and head to the bathroom and Niall follows me confused.

When I am in the bath room I wash my face.

"what's going on"?

"My freckles they are showing. I put make up on to cover them. I think they make me ugly".

I just finished wiping my face when Niall turns and looks at me.

"Your beautiful. I also happen to really like freckles, you don't have lots any way"

"Really? I have always been told by my mom freckles make you ugly".

"Your mom seams like a great person" Niall said sarcastically.

"I saw her yesterday she and my brother came to surprise me. I told her I am pregnant and she called me a slut so I slapped her. She left in a huff after mike told her off. He said this is why we aren't close to you and that we were closer to dad before he died".

"Your dad died"?

"Yes when I was 14 he was shot down on duty. He was a RCMP officer".

"Oh god that is terrible. I am so sorry. You have had to put up with a lot in your life that you shouldn't have to. Your not a slut ether don't let her get to you like that."

"Do you know what it was like to have your only loving parents taken from you just because a drunk stoned man went crazy? I know you don't but it's like your heart is ripped out off you and thrown around like a ball".

He gave me the longest hug.

"Do you want to meet my brother? He has a lot to talk to you about."

"Yes I would"

We walk to the kitchen where mike is making pumpkin pancakes

"Mm pumpkin pancakes I haven't had them in so long" I said suddenly hungry

"Pumpkin pancakes? Those look good" Niall said.

"It is my dads recipe"mike said

"Did he make the recipe or was is past down"? Niall asked

"No uncle Matt made it himself" Sarah said

"Ya one day Sarah mike,josh (Sarah's brother) and I wanted dad to make breakfast but Sarah and mike would have rather had pumpkin pie that Christmas Eve So dad free styled the recipe and wrote it down as he made them" I said

"That way we were happy". Mike said

"That way you would eat. Mike was a very picky eater" I said

"That's a sweet story Niall said.

"I will finish making breakfast" Sarah said.

Mike Niall and I go the the table and talk.

"Look I love my sister more than any one on this planet even more then my girlfriend. I want to know what your guys have planed and what will happen when the baby comes".

"Um mike we just found out I am pregnant. How are we to know what we are doing".

"Actually I was going to ask you today if you wanted to look at flats together. The one I live in only has a bedroom".

"Wait you want me to move in with you"?

"Yes I will be able to get to know you better before the baby comes. We can make that second bed room the nursery have it animal themed and have tadpoles and frogs on the walls in pink or blue,Or a different theme".

"I would love to when will we go looking"?

"I was planing on today with or with

out you moving in because the baby will still need a room at my house".

"Alright" I turn to Mike " do you mind hanging with Sarah well we are out"?

I ask

"No I don't mind I haven't seen her sense I was 18"

"What time will we go"?

"The realtor said at one and it's 11 now"

"Come eat "Sarah calls out.

We go eat. After brunch I go and get ready.

I put on a dress that is pink with white flowers on it. I my hair in a ballet bun. I put on make up i barley cover my freckles. When I am done I take my meds for the baby.

Are first flat is 3 blocks from Sarah's flat.

When we walk in the living room is to the right and the kitchen/ dining room is to the left.

"Oh this is nice look at the living room it's so big"I say

"Wait till you see the master bed room and the closet" the realtor said.

"Hi I am Niall and this is Kayleigh" Niall said introducing us.

"Hi I am Walter. we are going to be seeing 5 flats today and this is the closest to your ideal area".

I turn to Niall

"Ideal area"? I asked

"Yes as close to Sarah as possible. So you won't miss her that much".

"Aw thanks Niall".

"Are you guys ready for the tour"? Walter asked.

"Yes we are"I say excited.

"As you saw the living room lets go in" Walter said.

We walk in and it's even nicer.

"It big we can put all your furniture in and put a baby swing for when tad comes" I say.

"Your pregnant"? Walter said

"Yes and we are trying to keep it out of the media" Niall said

"Alright let's go to the kitchen. Who is good at cooking?he asked

"I do in high school I took culinary art. They offered it there and back then I wanted to be a chef, I later found out I didn't like the working in restaurants".

"Well this kitchen is recently updated"

He opens the beautiful brown cupboard and pushed it and it closed its self with out making noise.

"This is real granite and this island is movable" Walter said.

"It so beautiful and big"I say.

"the dining area is on the other side here" Walter said

"It's not as big as I thought it would be" Niall said

"Now let's head to the master bed room" Walter say pointing it in the direction.

Niall opens the door and it has a walk in closet with a door in the back. I walked in and opens it, there is a bathroom in there with a bath tub that has jets and a shower as well.

"Oh Niall" I gasped

He walked in

"look at this".

"It's so nice" he pointed out like I didn't already know that it was.

"Can we see the other room"? I asked

"Yes this way"

He showed us it and it was perfect size. He also showed us the other bathroom.

We look at many flats but we end up picking this one and can move in June 4th a week before I get back. I am so excited.

When we get back we tell them how close the flat is to here and that I won't be far.

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