He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


6. 6

Friday morning.

Niall and I walk in. I check in and sit down.

"Niall I don't want to abort the baby or put it up for adoption, I wan to keep it and I know you do to".

"I do want to keep it, but I want you to feel you cAn choose and not be pressured by what I want".

I know that Niall, I still want to keep it".


"Yes I Shouldn't kill my baby just because I am afraid of him. It's selfish".

"It's not selfish. I would probably want it gone if I was dating some one famous and hiding from and ex I would want to be as far from the lime lite".

"I am going to a support group/rehab thing, were I go the this place for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks I can go to a support group here in London"

"We're is the place that you go for 2 weeks"?

"It's 45 minutes away. Visiting days are Monday evening,Wednesday evening and Saturday's I can leave after 1pm to be back by 9pm"

"I am proud that your doing this. When do you go"?

"Next Monday. They know I am pregnant and how far along the clear blue test said"

"Kayleigh miller"? The nurse asked

I stand up. "That's is me".

We walk to the room and she seats me up.

"When the Technician comes in she will ask you to remove your pants and she will put a sheet over your lags". The nurse said then left.

"5 minutes later a lady walks in

Hello my name is sandy and I will be doing your ultrasound"

I give her a hand shake and so dose Niall.

"I am Kayleigh and this is my boyfriend Niall".

"Niall Horan"? Sandy asked

"Yes I am" Niall said

"I didn't even know you had a girlfriend nor did I know you were expecting a child"

"Well I asked him to keep us private" I said

"Ok. Know can you take your pants ad underwear off"?

She closes the curtains and hands me a sheet. I take them off and cover my lags. When I am done she opens the curtains and adjusts the screen so Niall and I could see.

" know because the baby is so little I will be putting this up you to see the baby" she said.

It looks like a wand with a little curve.

Next thing I know some thing shows up on the screen.

She fiddles with. Bottoms on the keyboard.

"Here is your baby. The embryo doesn't look like much more than a tadpole right now, but at five weeks, it's already starting to form major organs (heart, stomach, liver, kidney) and systems (digestive, circulatory, nervous)".

"We should call the baby tad till we know if it is a boy or a girl" Niall said.

I giggle and say " you hear that you are tad till you are big Anuff to show if your a boy or girl.

"Do you want to hear tads heart beat"? Sandy asked

"Yes" Niall and I say at the same time

She turns the volume up on the monitor and we can hear tads heart beat. Niall had a smile plastered to his face from ear to ear, I could tell he was excited and I am too.

When the ultrasound is down the doctor comes and gives me prenatal meds and pay flits on abortion and adoption, I take them but set them down when we leave.

Niall drops me off at work.

"Bye have fun working on your new album. Love you

"Love you too"

Niall's pov

When I get to zayns house I tell them about Kayleigh going to the abuse women's centre.

"Hey guys Kayleigh is leaving for 2 weeks. She leaves next Monday to go to the abuse women's centre".

"Good for her" Harry said

"I am proud of her but I am going to miss her. I am going to ask her to help me loon for a 2 bedroom flat instead of my one bedroom.

"Then How will you work on your song for her"? Liam asked

"By getting to know her better I have the melody down and you have heard that. I just need the lyrics.

"That's not what I meant. I meant I would you work on it with out her finding out about the song".

"Oh I will work on it when she is at work or with Sarah. I will hide it in my spare guitar case that hold all my private things. I keep it locked, not that I don't want any one to see it i just don't want people to see it with out me there".

"Alright are we going to work on are album or what" ? Zayn said.

We worked till 12 am before I was tired. I had plans with Kayleigh the next day.

Kayleigh's pov

After work I take a taxi home I didn't want to take the bus, just wasn't feeling good.

"Sarah I am home"

Sarah can running to me and pulled me to her room.

"What's going on"?

"You mom and brother are here to visit you. I think they miss you".

"I miss them too".

I run to the living room and give mike a big hug.

"I missed you so much and I have some exciting news for you guys" I say

"What is it"?

I sit down

"You know I am dating Niall from one direction right" ?

"Yes but how's that exciting for mike and I"? My mother asked

Well I… I am pregnant. I am five weeks along and the baby looks like a tadpole right now.

"Your what" ? My mom said disappointed.

"Mom your going to be a grandma"

My mom stud up and looked at me and said

"You slut. Your only 18 this thing is going to ruin your life. I should never have let you leave home".

I stud up

"You bitch"

slapped my mom

And told her to get out of my appointment.

"Fine. Come on mike". She said well scowling at means rubbing her check.

"No mom this is why we aren't really close to you. We were closer to dad before he died. I am staying here with my sister".

"Then Don't expect to have a home when you get back to Canada". She left and slammed the door.

I break down in mike's arms.

"You didn't have to do that. we're will you live"?

"Don't Worry Shayla and I are planing on moving in together in a week".

"Are you mad at me"?

"No how could I. I going to be an uncle. At least the guy who nocked you up has lots of money".

"It was a one night stand that turned into a relationship. I got pregnant from the one night stand because we haven't down any thing sense".

Mike gets down on both knees and starts talking to my tummy.

"Hey little tadpole"

"Niall and I are calling it tad till we find out the sex"

"Alright. Hey little tad this is your uncle mike here. Be nice to your mommy well your in there. She is amazing and your lucky to get her as a mom. I might not be here when you are born but I will be here as soon as you are". He then kisses my stomach and stands up.

"Niall has to call me first thing after your water breaks".

"That's not till January"

"I know but I want to know"

"Tomorrow Niall is coming over you can meet him and tell him your self".

"Alright but I do have an issue with where I am staying. Mom and I were sharing a room but I am guessing I am not wanted and I can't afford a hotel".

"Mike you can stay here the couch your siting on turns into a hideabed" Sarah said

"How long do you plan on staying"? I asked

"Till Wednesday, I work Friday".

"We'll have you eaten yet"? Sarah asked

"I haven't and I am starving" I said

"I am also starving, do they have chines food here"?

"Yes they do and that sound great right know" I say.

"Great I will call for take out and pick it up". Sarah said

Mike Sarah and I watch movies till 12:30 am.

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