He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


27. 27

Emily is a month old tomorrow. I can't believe it. She has grown so much, Niall has been such a big help with her he wakes up in th night to take care of her unless she is hungry then I have to go feed her because i am Brest. Feeding her.  In a week she is being baptized my family is coming and so is Niall's. When  are families are here we will announce the day we plan to get married. 

 "Hey Niall" "Yes love" "Can you put on the grocery list baby wipes and dippers were almost out". I say as  I finish getting Emily changed and ready to go shopping   "Any thing else we need?" "not that I know of." "After shoping we are meeting the boys right?" "Yes they have been begging to see Emily." "It's like if they don't see her in a week the world is going to end." Niall says as we leave are flat. "Is she all covered up?" He asked. "Yes so the Paparazzi cant see Emily".  Niall and I agreed That Emily will only be photographed when we choose, that means the paparazzi may take photos at big events but nothing else.   After shopping we drop of the groceries put them away and head to Harry and Louis place to meet up with the boys. Harry's pov  Knock knock. I hear at the door so I go answer.  It was Niall and Kayleigh with baby Emily. " hey guys how are you." I ask "Great just finished shopping" Kayleigh said sounding happy. "You look great you have lost a lot of baby weight" I say she looks like she almost look like the Kayleigh I meet at the club 10 months ago. "Thanks I am almost back to my pre pregnancy wait. I had only gained 50 pound and I was a 120 some pounds before. I am 145 now,  every morning Emily and I go for a hour and a half run. Well Niall sleeps." "I am really proud of her. She looks great like you said Harry but after Emily was born she still looked good." Niall said going in and giving Kayleigh a kiss on the cheek.  "can I hold Emily" I say playing with her feet. "Yes you can. Were are the rest of the guys?" Niall asked. "Picking up chines". "Nice" Niall said and then turned to Kayleigh "Kayleigh we are going on a date and the boys are watching Emily we have reservations for 6:30. I want you to get ready here all your makeup and hair stuff is here I have a outfit for you the wear its in the bathroom please go get ready well I go home and get  ready along with grabbing You're breast milk and a sleeper for Emily." When he fished talking Kayleigh's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree she was so excited.  "Thank you Niall" she said kissing him "I will go get ready" she finished and then went to the bathroom. Niall left minutes later.

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