He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


26. 26

I woke up as I was being rolled into the hospital. 

"Is my baby okay"?  "We don't know yet but there is still a heart beat. We are taking you in for an emergency c-section". The doctor said.   I am lying there well they prep for the c-section.  "Niall I am scared. I have done everything to keep her heathy in there and now she might die". "I know princess. I am scared too" "Alright we are ready to go"? The doctor asked  "Yes just make sure she is heathy and alive". I say with tears running down my face.  "Heathy and alive is important to us" Niall said wiping the tears from my check. with in 2 minutes Emily is born, she was not moving, breathing or crying but the bullet never hit her in the head. "She Is alive but has a bit of the bullet in her butt". He says handing the baby to the nurse and the nurse takes a smaller version of a turkey Bastet and sucked stuff out of her nose and mouth and she started to cry.  "Why did it get her butt not her head"? Niall asked confused "She was getting ready to be born. She turned upside down and that bullet hit Kayleigh right under her left boob witch is likely were the baby's head would have been if she wasn't getting ready to be born. The bullet is in her butt it's not deep. We just have to remove it and give her a couple stitches".  "She will be okay"?I ask feeling a little relived. "Yes she is. I am going to remove this bullet peace that is still in you then stitch you up  the bullet hole and stomach. Then the baby and after that I will get Niall".  "What about Louis"? Niall asked  "Another doctor did that" "He is a real trooper" I said A half hour later  Niall and I are on are in my bed with Harry Louis Liam and Zayn in the room. Harry is currently holding Emily.  "She is so cute" Harry said giving her a kiss on the forehead.  "She looks like Niall" zayn said  "No she looks like Kayleigh" Louis argued  "She has Niall eyes nose and high cheek bones how dose that not look like him"?  Zayn asked  "She has Kayleigh chin mouth and long eye lashes"Louis states  "Guys Emily is 30 minutes old she looks like a prune" I said and every one laughs.    "My turn" liam said  Harry carefully hands over Emily.  Five minutes latter mom mike and Shayla walking.  "Mom you came"?  "Yes. You had a baby and were shot" "Can I hold my niece"? mike asked "But I just got her" liam. Pouts well handing her over.  "You'll hold her a lot in England I won't be able to".  "I know just bugging you mate"  "Dose she ever look like you Niall" my mom said  Zayn jumped up "told you lou told you"  " she also looks like Kayleigh" my mom finished  because zayn interrupted.  "Told you zayn" loui said rolling his eyes  "She looks equal part of both of them" Shayla said garbing Emily from mike.  I look at the clock and see that is almost supper.  "It's almost supper guys you have your concert". I tell them "We know we were about to leave". Harry said  Niall grabbed Emily from Shayla  "I will see you Tomorrow miss Emily. I have to go sing my heart out to fans. I love you with all my heart your my princess now and your mommy is the queen. Sleep tight em " he said kissing her and handing her to my mom. He then comes to me " I love you too. You did good making her perfect. You sleep well you can. Night" "Thanks Niall. I love you too" I give him a kiss and he is off to the concert. I am left with my mom and brother and shayla.  "So after this concert there are how many left"? Mom asked "3 left. Next is Minneapolis Calgary then Vancouver" I reply  "You are coming home with us right"? Mom asked  "Yes and Niall will pick Emily and I up after the last concert and we will be heading home".   A hour later Sarah Maura Chris and bobby walk into are room. "How's my new grandchild and the mama"? Maura asked  "Emily is sleeping In mikes arms.  I am just so tired and in pain". "I know c-sections hurt. You didn't want one tho you wanted a natural birth right"? Maura asked "ya natural is what I wanted but I got shot in the stomach". I continue to fill them in and they all hold and snuggle Emily. It's the day Emily is leaving the hospital she is having her first plain ride as well. Niall and the boy are going to there next concert in Minneapolis, emily Niall's family and my family are heading to Saskatchewan till the 8th.  30 minutes later  We are all at the airport ready to split up. "Niall I am going to miss you". "It's only three days" "Yes but I have Emily now she is going to miss you as well" We say goodbye and head to are gates My family and Niall's mom and step dad.  Bobby decided on going with Niall  to see his concert.  The flight to Saskatchewan was long and hard miss Emily cried the hole time. She didn't like it one bit. 
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