He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


25. 25

It's the 4th and we are in Toronto. 

The boys, Niall and I are at a album signing.  "Hi what's your name"? Harry asked a little girl.  "My name is Dana and I am this many" she said holding up 7 fingers. "Well Dana do you want a hug from all of us"? Niall asked  "Yes please and Kayleigh too"?  "You can have a hug from me too sweetie". I say "Can I hug the baby as well"?  "When you hug me its hugging her too" "Really"?  "Yep"  She hugs me. She is smiling and her dimples maker even cuter. She then kisses my belly.  "So she knows I love her" "Aw thanks sweetie" She then goes off hugging every one else.   When she is gone something happenes that I will never forget. We heard gun shots then Niall scream in pain. I run to him and get shot as well but in the stomach and I fall in pain.  "Some one call a ambulance" zayn yells.  Then some one I recognize comes up to me and Niall, It's Chris he has a gun in his hand.  "You finally came back to Canada. I had to get back at you for everything you did to me. You left me and you need to pay. So dose Niall for lying about who the father of that baby is" Chris said now holding a gun to Niall's head.  "Chris I left because you beat me and raped me. You hurt me so many times physically and mentally  every single day I was with you. This baby you just shot is Niall's his managers made me take a paternity test." "I did rape you because you needed it women like you need to know your porous is to have children raise them along with cook and clean. Then you leave me when we are still dating and go fuck this guy you were cheating on me now he is going to die along with you and that baby" He pulls the hammer back and then Louis punched Chris on the side of his face. He is nocked over as he falls he presses the trigger and shoots Louis in the lag.  Lou doesn't even flinch when the bullet hits him  he lets tears of pain run down his face but nothing else. "You are one fucked up ass hole. All women are aloud to do what ever they want they should have the same rights as men. I love Kayleigh she never deserved this. You never deserved her in your life" Louis said  As the cops finally showed up they arrested him.  "My baby isn't moving"I yell when the paramedics come over.  My wound is the worst. I am put on a stretcher and Niall comes in with me. His bullet wound is in his shoulder and isn't very bad.  "I love you Niall. I am so sorry. I didn't think he would find out I was here. I knew he was out of jail but didn't think he would come after me and you. He is crazy I never thought he was this crazy". "I love you too and no matter what happens with Emily I will always love you". Then I pass out and don't remember anything else that happens in the ambulance. 

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