He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


2. 2

We walked into the club we went and meat Sarah's friends. "This is jake his girlfriend and my best friend Carly, Katie and her boyfriend Alex and this is Greg my boyfriend". "Tonight we are getting you a boyfriend". Katie says and every one laughs. I just smile I don't know if I want one right know. "Do you guys want to go to the dance floor"? Carly asked

Us girls went the boys went and played pool.

Niall's pov

When we walked in the club we got a drink and headed to the dance floor. That is when I saw her beautiful her. She has long lags great smile beautiful teeth long dirty blond hair and the cherry on top she has a great figure. I didn't go up to her right away I had to get the nerve to talk to her. The lads and I went and played pool we end up playing against these guys named jake Alex and Greg. I joined there team cause it wasn't a even team. We are half way thro the game when a bunch of girls came up to us and that girl was with them.

Greg: "girls this is Niall Liam zayn Harry and Louis. Guys this is Sarah my girlfriend, Carly jakes girlfriend, Katie Alex's girlfriend and Kayleigh"

Kayleigh what a beautiful name.

We stop the game for a little bit well we the guys talk.

I go to Kayleigh

"Hey your Kayleigh right"?

"Ya I know your name it Niall your from one direction"

She has a accent I think it's American.

"Ya been in it along time. What do you do for a living" ?

"Nothing right know I literally just loved here today"

"Really were from America"?

"No Canada"

"Where in Canada"?

"Saskatoon Saskatchewan"

"Nice would you like a drink" ?


We walk to the bar

She ordered a screwdriver I ordered a beer and we headed off.

Kayleigh's pov

"Do you want to go dance"? I say

"When the game is done"?

"Oh right you guys were playing pop with my cousins friends"

"Who is your cousin"?

"Sarah I am staying with her till I am on my feet"

When we get back to the pool table they continue there game.

Sarah pulls me to the side

"Oh my god he is so cute" she said

"He's cute yes but I just don't know."

"Is it because of your ex your afraid of getting hurt again"

"Kinda I guess"

"I know he was you first boyfriend and that you think all men are like that some times but it's not like that. if you find the right guy he will treat you like a princess and I know Niall will be the one to show you that".

That made me think my ex Chris is a pig and showed me some signs that he was from the beginning and Niall hasn't yet.

"Alright I think your right".

Niall graves my arm and pulls me to the dance floor.

Anaconda was playing and i smile. "I love this song".

I turn around so I am grinding on Niall and sing.

Then grabbed my butt I turn around and whisper in his ear "hey now" and walk away I go to the bar and get 2 beers and go back to Niall. "here"

I say handing him one he takes it. "Thanks but you didn't ha"

I kiss him before he could finish his sentence

He kisses back my tough bagging to enter his mouth he lets me.

Niall then bites my bottom lip and I moan a little. After and hour of dancing and kissing along with drinking Niall and I go to his flat. We walk in and I kiss him he pushes the door shut. We go to his bed room. He pushes me onto his bed. Kissing me again he slides his hand up my shirt feeling my breast. I run my hand through his hair and roll on top of him. I slide my hand down to his pants and rub up and down his length. I take of my shirt. Niall then takes of his shirt as well. I undo his belt and undo the button Niall stoped me from continuing.

"What you don't want me to continue"? I say confused

"Oh I do but I want do this"

He takes my braw off, flips me over and plays with my nipple and I moan

"You like that"?


Then he puts his hand down my pants and rubs my clit and inserting 2 fingers in me. I find this part weird Chris normally would be done by know and I would be unsatisfied but God dose Niall know my sweet spots.

I then say my turn to please you. I push him back and take his dick out. I Stick it is my mouth and I can see the pleasures in his face I start to suck and move my tough around when I hear a slight moan from him. Niall graves my head and moves it up and down till he is deep in my mouth and I start to gag. I pull up "Do you have protection I ask him" ?

"Yes" he grabs a condom from his draw of his night stand and puts it on I lie down on the bed and he slowly enters me. Niall the adjusts himself. Now moving he asked

"How's that feel"?


Slowly getting faster. We change positions so that I am on top.

I bounce up and down.

"God I love being on top" i say

I lean in and kiss him. I could feel him getting close and I knew I was so I let him take control and I am at the bottom again. As Niall's thrusts get sloppy I moan loudly and we ride out are high together. 1 feel warm ness come into me and I have a panicky face. "What's thought princess" Niall says as he is going to take of the condom and sees that it broke.

"Are you on the pill" Niall says worried.

"Yea" I say hoping I remembers to take it today.

Niall's face seamed to relax. We fell asleep in his bed snuggling

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