He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


18. 18

"You ready to go"? I ask Niall 

"Yes" We are on are way to mikes apartment to make food for the family picnic. Me shayla and Sara  will most likely be doing all the cooking well mike Harry and Niall will be watching sports. We walk there because mike drove us to the hotel after supper last night.  When we get there Harry and Sarah were already there and like I predicted the boys go watch sports.  We make taco salad Broccoli salad and we bake 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies.  Well cooking we talk  "How was supper last night"? Shayla asked "Good minus rob. Mom was being nice. We talked about dad. God do I miss him". "I wasn't dating mike when he died but my sister jades your best friend saw how hard it was for you. You were the biggest daddy's girl". "You still are the biggest daddy's girl". Sarah said  " I had a weird dream last night Niall woke me up because I was crying. "I had a dream that my dad. He woke me up well I was sleeping in the dream he told me he loved me and that he is happy I found Niall.  He also said he has already meet are baby and that he loves her with all his heart". "What is that supposed to mean" shayla asked. "It means uncle Matt tampered with her sleeping to talk to her". "What ever it means I know he isn't mad that I am pregnant". I say  " do you believe he really meet your baby and that its a girl"? Shayla asked. " I will never know until I die but I believe it because I have to my dad never lied to me why would he start when I is dead"?  "Well I can see you are happy he talked to you". Sarah said.  "You need to tell mike" shayla said.  "I know. He deserves to know what dad may have done".  We all cram into mikes car that fits exactly 6 people. We drive to the nature reserve park, we have a picnic here every Canada day. "Kayleigh" my cousin Maggie yells running towards us.  "Hey Maggie" I miss her, she is  7 and idolizes me.  I go down on my knee and give her a big hug.  "You've gotten fat" Maggie said innocently, I haven't told her I am pregnant.  "That's because I have a baby growing in me, I am pregnant". "Really? Do I get to be an auntie"? "No but the baby is your second cousin". "Oh well I get another cousin to love". We walk to every one there. My grandma and grandpa, auntie Starla and uncle Doug with there three kids, my auntie Jane and uncle Scott and there 2 kids and mom and rob. We bring the food and seat it all up. "Hey guys" I say  "Guess what" Maggie yells "What" her dad my uncle Scott asked  "Kayleigh is having baby" I froze when she said that I haven't told any one other then my mom rob and auntie Starla.  They look at me like I murdered some one. "I am. I know I haven't told much of you guys. Just my mom mike rob and auntie Starla.  "And me" Sarah said. "Yes and Sarah but I lived with her she new when I did. Every buddy this is Niall Horan my boyfriend and the father of my baby". "Hi".  Immediately Darcy runs up  "Niall Horan from one direction I love you". She said  "Darcy come back here, right now isn't the time to talk to him" uncle Doug yells". My grandpa comes over to Niall and stares at him.  "what's one direction"? Gramps asked. "A famous band I am in".  "Alright. Your from Ireland" my grandpa states. " do you love my granddaughter"?  "Yes with all my heart. From the moment I meet her". "Ya right you are a musician all you want is sex". My grandpa isn't impressed.Grandpa turns to Harry. "Who are you"? He asked  "Harry styles. I am in the same band as Niall. I am Sarah's boyfriend". "Great. Is she pregnant too"?  "No grandpa. He came because I asked him to. Him and I have only been dating for a little bit. We haven't done that". Sarah said. "Alright let's eat". My grandpa said well staring at Niall and Harry. "So Kayleigh how far along are you"My auntie Jane asked.  "I am 12 weeks along" "But you have been gone that long" my grandma states. "Yes I know we were drunk. But we fell for each  other". I said  Niall looks at me and smiles.  After lunch we play games like the 3 lagged race potato sack races ring toss. The person who wins the most games gets a trophy that the little cousins made. I remember when we made the trophys for the family games. They do the potato race first I don't do it because jumping may not be safe for the baby. I am the one who starts the race.    "Alright first one to cross the yellow police tape wins. On your mark get set go". I say and there off  Every one but me plays, even grandma and grandpa. "I keep freaking tripping" Niall yells getting mad "That good because I am veering you mate" Harry says passing Niall. Despite Niall and Harry's efforts my 10 year old cousin Andrew wins. Next game we play is ring toss  We are are divided into teams of 6 and with there being 18 of us it makes 3 teams the team with the most points at the end wins.  On my team is grandma, mom Harry Andrew and Jordan( jordan is 4 and auntie Starla's youngest). We end up beating the other teams. Best up is the three lagged race. We get to choose are partners and Maggie chooses me. Harry gets Sarah and Niall is with Darcy.  Are pages are duck taped together and we are off Maggie is one  determined 7 year old she falls 2 times before she graves my hand. We don't win but Andrew and uncle Scott do. At the end of the games Andrew wins the trophy. We had a blast. I miss my family but I love my new home and wouldn't leave it even if my ex was no longer a threat.    Later that day the six of us go to the fire works. We watch and I remember the first time I ever watched the fireworks dad put me on top of his shoulders and mom mike dad and I watched and I screamed the every time it made a loud bang.  "My favourite kind of fire work is the one that turns into different colours". I say  "Mine are the ones that make a fizzy sound then blow up" Niall said "Mine are the green ones" mike said  "You only like them because green is your favourite colour" I say "Mine are the golden ones" Sarah said  "I love them all" shayla said "I like the ones that sprinkle down after they blow up" Harry said.  "They are beautiful. Just like you shayla". Mike then hose down on one knee and pulls out a ring"I love you so much. You mean the world to me and I have been think on how to do this for a long time". He takes a breath " you have been my rock for so long it my turn to be yours. Shayla will you marry me"?  She gives me a look then looks at mike then at the fire works.  "How did you know I always wanted to be proposed to I front of fire works"?  "Because you love fireworks. Also the first time you kissed me you said you felt fireworks go off". "I will marry you. I love you with every fibber in me". Shayla then starts crying tears of joy.  She runs to me and hugs me. "You are going to be my sister".  

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