He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


13. 13

Buzz buzz buzz the alarm went of and its time to get ready and leave for Ireland to meet Niall's family.  I am happy to meet them but nervous at the same time. I get up and have a shower and put my hair In a ballet bun. I get dressed  in a long summer dress that showed of my little bump on my belly.  

"Niall get up its 6:30 are flight is at 8:30" "Alright"  I went and made breakfast. Eggs over  easy for Niall and over hard for me, I hate over easy eggs.  Well mine is cooking I pop the bread in the toaster. Now that mine his half way done i put Niall's on.  I grab 2 plates and butter the toast.  "Niall you almost ready? Breaky is almost ready" "Yes princess I will be there in a minute" I continue cooking. The eggs are done I put them on are plates.  "Mmm smell great" Niall said then giving me a kiss.  "Here" I say well handing him his food. We eat and grab are stuff then leave.  After are hour and ten minute plain ride we land.  Niall's pov  Once we were off the plain we went an collected are luggage.  "I am nervous what if your parents don't like me"?  "they will love you. They are more mad at me because I got you pregnant." "Oh god it wasn't just your fault. I forgot my birth control pill that day". "But I am the man and that means it's my fault not yours". "If I hear them yelling at you because of it I am going to tell them off". "Don't. At least not if its my dad who is yelling at Me. He hasn't liked any of my past girlfriends and he has scared them away".  "Well I am not going anywhere". " you are stubborn"  "Let's go. Who is picking us up"? "Greg. Then we are going to my mums".  "Okay sounds good". We walk out and see Greg.  "Hey Greg" I say going in to hug him.  "Hi I am Kayleigh" I say smiling.  "Nice to finally meet you" Greg said  "Same I have heard so much about you" "Good because when Niall and I talk all he dose is tAlk about you". "No I don't" I say kinda embarrassed. When mom saw the car pull up she came running out. I swear she was just standing there waiting.  I get out and she hugs me so tight.  "Mum I missed you too" I said giving her back.  "Greg what took you so long to get back" ? Mom said  Well she talks to Greg I help Kayleigh out of the car and get the luggage.  "Mum this is Kayleigh"  I say   "Hi maura It's nice to meet you"  "Nice to meet you too. Let's head on in". Mum said.  When we get in I take are bags in and head to my childhood bedroom. I put are stuff in and go backwards I the living room.  We sit down and talk.  "Kayleigh how long have you lived in England"? Mum asked  "2 and a half months".  "Aren't you that far along in your pregnancy"? Greg asked "Yes I meet Niall that same day and we you know"  "Niall are you sure it's your child"?  "Mother that's rude" I say getting a little frustrated. "No Niall she is looking out for you especially because your famous".  "Thank you Kayleigh"Mum said. "Look I trust her. Even if that baby wasn't mine I would love it because I love her.  You need to get to know her before you judge her." I say and storm out of the room.  Kayleigh's pov  When Niall stormed out I didn't know what to do.  "Sorry but I half to go after him". I say  I get up an walk to him.  "Niall" I call wondering were he went. No answer.  "We're did you go. Please let me come talk to you".  He pops his door open and I walk in. "Niall is that true that even if it wasn't your baby that you would love it because you love me"? "Yes I love you and that baby. Don't get me rough It would suck if it wasn't mine but I know it is". He said  "It is yours I didn't sleep with any one else that day. I also hadn't been with some one for 2 months before".  " I believe you. Did I tell you management is making me do a DNS test when the baby is big anuff. I don't want to but they are making me". "What. Why"?  "Because they can. And now my mom is saying the same thing and it pisses me off why can't people trust you"  "Because you and I haven't been dating long".  " why are you so cool about this"?  "because I knew something like this would happen when I found out I was pregnant. When is the test  paternity"?    " any time between 10-12 weeks along.  They sent me this as a text  Between the 10-12th week this paternity test involves an invasive procedure called CVS or chorionic villus sampling. CVS can be completed as early as the 10-12th week of pregnancy if the mother is willing to have in vitro testing completed. The test, Chorionic Villus Sampling or CVS requires the mother undergo a procedure involving a needle being inserted through the cervix via the vagina or the abdomen in order to pull a sample of the chorionic villi from the uterus. These villi have the same genetic code as the baby and will be used to match the DNA to that of the potential father".  "will it harm the baby"?  "I don't know we would have to ask. I will text management back asking. If it didn't will you do it"? "Yes so this can be over and done with". "I love you " "I love you too"   Greg's pov  Once Kayleigh left I looked at mum. "He loves her mom why were you so rude about it? You have hurt him and made a bad impression for her". I say " I am sorry he is barley an adult. I just want to help him". " has been an adult since he was 16. He knows how to take care of himself". "I think you're right. But he is still my baby".  "She is a great girl I follow her on Twitter. I found her brother and tweeted him saying who I was and that I wanted to talk to him he recognized my name and followed me back and messaged me. Him and I have gotten to know one another a little bit. From what milk her brother said she is a sweet girl who once got involved with a bad guy and that she moved to England for a fresh start".  "Well I want to get to know her more before I decide to like her or not". Mum said she has every right to be upset.  Kayleigh pov   I walk back to the living room.  "Maura I am hungry when is launch"? I ask hoping it was soon.  " we can start to make it now sense it's 11" she said  "Great I love to cook"  We head to the kitchen.  "What are we making"?  "Perogies and sausages" " home made"? I asked hoping they were.  "No I don't know how And its to much work".  "Do you have fresh potatoes"?  "Yes"  " I can teach you" I say hoping she was into learning I really wanted my babas home made ones even tho she has passed  she taught me everything I know about them.  " are you Ukrainian"?  " just anuff to know how to make perogies "   "Well I guess I could learn". "Alright   The filling is so simple to make. Let's boil the potatoes". It takes us about an hour and a half to make them ready to boil and fry.  "What smells so good" Niall asked  "Home made perogies. Kayleigh taught me how to make them".  "How much longer do we have to wait Greg, Chris and I are hungry" Niall complained.  "Soon like ten minutes" "Alright"  Niall left and we finished cooking.  10 minutes later  "Niall Greg and Chris come eat" Maura said   Every one rushed into the dining room.  "Hi Chris I am Kayleigh I don't think I have meet you yet".  "Hi Kayleigh nice to meet you".  We all start eating.  "Mmm this is good" Niall said  "Thanks it was my babas recipe".  After launch we went to Niall's dads house.  When we walk in bobby isn't in the house. "I thought you said he was home" I said confused "He might be in the back" Niall said.  We go to the back and see bobby in the back reading the news paper. "Hey dad how are you"? Niall asked. "Hi I am good" "This is my girlfriend Kayleigh" "the one you got pregnant right"? Bobby said a little rudely  "Bobby it wasn't just his fault. I was there too".  "I know it's just your both so young". Bobby said shaking his head.  " I know dad but it's not like I work a minimum wage job. I make lots of money and can support Kayleigh and are child". " i promise you I am not in it for the money the fame. I am with him because I love him the way my dad loved my mom".  " well Kayleigh tell me about your self". Bobby said  " I was born and raised in Saskatchewan Canada. I moved here 2 and a half months ago, I moved in with my cousin who had lived in England sense she was 7. I have a older brother. I don't know what else to say". "Do you like foot ball"?    " I like both types of foot ball. I like base ball. But most of all I love to play basketball". " well once that baby is out of you we should play a little one on one".  " your on. I will whip  your butt and won't feel bad about it".  "Then are fighting words" bobby said with a joking stair.  "Yes they are and in the summer next yer you will learn not to mess with the high school basketball team captain". " I didn't know you were captain" Niall stated  "I was but it wasn't that important.  Oh bobby I also played a bit of soccer in high school as well". "You like sports A lot"?  " i only like playing  a couple. I love watching a lot of sports tho".   What do you play all together? And what do you watch all together"? Bobby asked  " I play soccer (your football) volleyball and basketball and baseball for fun. I watch soccer, baseball, football, hokey and some times rugby".  We chat until supper time. The hole family is going out to dinner. Greg his girlfriend, Maura and Chris, Niall and I along with bobby. 
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