A love to fight for(George Shelley)

Hazel landers life is not normal. She has ex werewolf hunter parents and a older werewolf brother Stefan. Her parents retired from there strange line of work when Stefan was born. Though every once in awhile during their lives her mom and dad would help out other hunters in exchange for them not bringing harm to Stefan. Being a seventeen year old in high school is hard enough but she soon finds out that her life is about to be even harder. When George Shelley one of the four mysterious boys that moved to town a few months ago suddenly imprints on her and a serial killer after werewolf hunters and their families they all have to join together to stop him. Will George be able to keep her safe? Will this serial killer be stopped?


3. chapter 3

When we got home we head to the kitchen. I grab the note off the fridge reading it.

  "Out hunting. We'll see you in a few days. Stay safe. Love you" I read the note to Stefan who shared a sigh with me and through away the note. 

 We made dinner together and talked about our day. When it was done we sat in the dining room eating and watching tv. 

  "I'm going out tonight. So stay inside okay" Stefan says. 

  "Okay" I say getting up to head to my room. 

  "I mean it Hazel. Don't leave this house while I'm gone" He says more sternly. 

  "I can take care of myself"  I say crossing my arms. 

  "Against a regular guy yes but against a werewolf no" He states crossing his arms to match mine. 

  "Fine" I say and start to stomp upstairs. 

  "Love you Hazel" He says heading to the door. I could tell he was upset that I was mad at him. 

  "I love you too Stefan" I say as he heads out the door. 

 I sat in my room staring at my ceiling. I had watched some more tv, and done homework, even cleaned my room. I glance out my window at the forest by our house. It was so tempting. The air outside warm but with a slight breeze. The sun setting down till the sky was a eerie sea green cascaded in fog. 

 It didn't take long for me to reach down and slip my shoes on and head outside. I know Stefan said not to but I couldn't help it. Sometimes I just need to take a walk and think when everything gets to be so much. 

 I wander into the trees glancing around through the fog until I come to the stream the lies in the middle of the woods. I sit close to it in the grass feeling somewhat calmer. 

 Behind me I hear a low growl. I turn to glance at what's behind me to see a wolf. Though I know it's not just a wolf. It's a werewolf. 

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