Titanium(Isaac Lahey)

Mackenzie Swordson and Isaac Lahey have faced everything together. How will they handle it when Isaac becomes a werewolf and there lives change forever. Will stay as close as they always were or will they fall apart. Read to find out.


4. chapter 4

 I woke up the next morning to find that the house was empty. I ignore the worry that's building for Isaac and get dressed. I grab my bike and hurry to school hoping that Isaac would be there. 

 I hurry to first period just wanting to get it over with. I don't have class with Isaac until later so I won't see him until then. I keep my eyes on the clock begging it to move faster. I really need to find Isaac. I need to know he's okay. 

 When my classes with Isaac do finally arrive my eyes meet his. I feel my heart break as he puts his head down trying everything not to look at me. When the class ends I try to catch up to him but he runs past me and toward lacrosse practice. This should be interesting. 


 I walk onto the lacrosse field and sit on the bench next to Stiles. I wanted to be as close as possible to the field. To see if anything happened with Isaac. He looked at me surprised but didn't say anything. He just turned his attention back to the field. 

 Everything seemed normal until Scott started to tackle the other players. I started to feel uneasy. What was gonna happen when he tackled Isaac. I felt my breath catch as he ran toward Isaac. 

 As they smashed against the ground I see Scott look at Isaac shocked. Did he know what Isaac was? If he did why wasn't he scared? 

 Then it hit me. How Scott suddenly better at lacrosse a few months back. Why he would run out of class with stiles behind him in a hurry to get somewhere. Scott is a werewolf too. 

 I turn to look at stiles to see him looking between Scott and Isaac nervous. It all made since now. 

 I look back to the field to see sheriff Stilinski walking toward Isaac. Isaac said something to Scott before they pulled him away. 

  "Scott what's going on" Stiles asks him as he walks up. 

  "His dad's dead and they think he's a suspect" Scott says. Stiles and Scott turn to me with a look of sympathy. 

 I didn't pay attention I was to focused on Isaac. I watched as they escorted him off the field. I started to panic. What was going to happen? Is he going to be okay? How could they think Isaac did this? 

 I felt tears build in my eyes as I ran to the front of the school. I got there just as the police car was driving away with Isaac in the back seat. He turned to look out the back window and his eyes locked on mine. His eyes held worry and fear that I wish I could take away. I wish that I could hold him and make everything okay. His eyes flash behind me slightly. I look to see Scott behind me. I hadn't realized he followed me. 

  "Take care of her" Isaac mouthed to Scott. Scott gave a nod as the car turned the corner. 

 Scott moved closer to me. I could tell he was struggling with what to say. 

  "Scott your a werewolf to aren't you" I ask him as the tears start to slip down my cheeks. 

 He opened his mouth to deny it but I stopped it. 

  "I saw Isaac transform last night in the alley and how you acted on the fed so please don't deny it. I won't tell anyone I promise" I say to him. He looks a little skeptical but nod his head giving me a small smile to say he trust me.

  "Scott you have to help me save him. He's all I have. I can't loose him. He needs me please" I beg him grabbing onto his shirt needing something to hold onto right now. 

  "We will save him I promise" Scott says pulling me to him in a hug. I hug him back happy that I wasn't alone. 

 Just then stiles walked through the door looking to us. 

 we spend the next couple minutes explaining some to stiles. Mainly just about how we were going to going to get Isaac back. 

  "I'm going with you" I say to stiles. 

  "I don't know if that's a good idea you could get hurt" Stiles says. 

  "I don't care about what happens to me if it means Isaac is okay" I say truthfully. 

 Stiles shares a look with Scott and sighs. 

  "Okay you can come" He says putting his arm around my shoulders as we walk toward his jeep. 

 We stop when a car pulls up by us. I don't recognize the guy but Scott and Stiles seem to. 

  "Go with Stiles okay Mackenzie everything will be okay. Don't let anything happen to her Stiles I said I'd keep her safe" Scott says as he gets in the car and the guy spends off. 

  "Come on Mackenzie let's go save your boyfriend"Stiles says pulling me toward his jeep. 

  "He's not my boyfriend" I exclaim blushing. 

  "Yeah sure he's not. Whatever you say Mackenzie" Stiles says smiling as I start to blush more. Chuckling at my expense. 

 On our way to the police station Stiles got a text from the guy we met earlier who he said was named Derek to come pick him up. I asked Stiles why he couldn't drive there himself but Stiles said it was a long story so I let it go. I got in the back so he could sit up front with Stiles. 

  "Where's Scott" I ask Derek when he gets in the car. 

  "Bracing himself for the full moon" He says. 

 It's silent for a second before Derek turns back to me. 

  "Your Mackenzie aren't you? Derek asks me. 

 I nod wondering how he would know me. 

  "Isaac has told me a lot about you" Derek says as if reading my thoughts. 

  "How do you know Isaac" I ask him and he smiles. 

  "I'll let Isaac answer that one" He says turning to look out the window. 

 We arrive at the police station twenty minutes later and stiles parks to the side. 

  "Okay so what's the plan" I ask. 

  "You and Stiles are gonna go find the keys while I distract the woman at the front desk" Derek says and I nod. A few minutes of Derek and Stiles bickering later and we head into the station. 

 We waited for Derek to start talking to the woman and we snuck to the back. 

  "You go find Isaac's cel and I'll grab the keys from my dad's desk" Stiles said and I nod. 

 I walk to the back where the cells where and saw the one that was locked. It didn't have any bars only a small window on the door. 

 I slowly walk to it shaking slightly. When I reach it I lean in carefully. Right as my face is almost to the window I'm met with Isaac's. Only it didn't look like the Isaac I was use. This Isaac had fangs glowing eyes and hair on the sides of his cheeks. Strangely though I wasn't scared. He's still Isaac just an Isaac that's got claws. 

  "Mackenzie run" He says sounding like he's fighting with himself. 

  "I'm not leaving you Isaac" I say placing my hand on the door. 

  "Run" He shouts causing me to jump slightly and move away from the door. As I door it bursts open slamming against the wall causing me to scream. 

  I turn to see a guy holding his hand around stiles mouth. Stiles was struggling in his arms the man holding what looked like a needle in his other hand looking toward where Isaac should be. Was that meant for Isaac? 

 I ran toward him trying to help pull Stiles free but the man pushed me away hard and I slammed the wall. I look up as I hear a growl and see Isaac jump at the man knocking him of Stiles. He scurried over to me and we both looked to Isaac and the man now laying unconscious on the ground. 

 Isaac turned to us and Stiles wrapped his arms around me protectively. This seemed to piss Isaac off because he let out a growl lunging toward us. I let out a scream and buried my face in Stiles shoulder waiting for him to attack. 

  "Isaac" I hear Derek voice scream though it came out as part of a growl. 

 I look up to see Derek standing in front of us and Isaac was now cowering against the wall across from us. I jump up and run to him wrapping my arms around him happy that he was safe. Isaac wrapped his arms around me too pulling me closer. 

  "How did you do that" Stiles asks Derek. 

  "I'm the alpha now" Derek says to him. 

  "We have to go Isaac" Derek says turning to us. I wrap my arms around Isaac tighter not wanting to let him go. 

  "Mackenzie I have to go" Isaac whispers to me. 

  "Go where" I ask loudly. I didn't want him to go anywhere but with me. 

  "If they find him here they are gonna keep him. Don't worry Mackenzie I'll keep Isaac safe" Derek says noticing how tight I was gripping onto him. 

 I sigh but let go knowing that he had to go. 

  "Don't worry you'll see me soon" Isaac says to me placing a kiss to my cheek before running off with Derek. 

  "Not your boyfriend huh" Stiles says smirking. 

  "Shut up Stiles" I say laughing slightly him joining me. 

Just then Stiles dad runs in the rest of the officers behind him. He looks to us for an explanation. We look at each other and then to the unconscious man on the ground. 

  "It was him" We say pointing to him. We fight back a smile at his fathers sigh. I wonder how many times he's caught Stiles in a situation like this. 


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