Titanium(Isaac Lahey)

Mackenzie Swordson and Isaac Lahey have faced everything together. How will they handle it when Isaac becomes a werewolf and there lives change forever. Will stay as close as they always were or will they fall apart. Read to find out.


1. chapter 1



Authors note: This song is the inspiration for this story. The acoustic version by Madilyn Bailey.





 I sat in my room with my door locked. My hands covering my ears as the bastard downstairs screams again. I hate this. It's every night that it happens anymore. 

 He's not even my real father. Mine died ten years ago along with my mother. I was only six when my parents were killed. We were driving home when someone had stopped there car. He pulled us out. 

 He said he wouldn't hurt us he just wanted the car but he lied. We stood on the side of the road as he climbed into the car. As he sped off he started shooting out the window my parents pushed me behind them and got full force of the bullets. I sat there and cried clutching onto my parents lifeless bodies as the car disappears. 

 Soon after the police had arrived they took me to the station where my godmother sat waiting for me. I had never met her but my mother had told me stories and I knew I would be safe with her. She pulled me to her and held me telling me how sorry she was. I glanced to the side to see a little boy my age stood next to her. 

  "This is Isaac" She said introducing him to me. 

 I just clutched onto her sleeve hiding behind her. Still scared because of what happened earlier. 

  "It's okay I won't hurt you" He says reaching over to me and wiping the tears that were falling from my face. I blush as he places a kiss to my cheek and smile as he blushes a little too. His mom smiles at us taking each of our hands.

 I had met Isaac's dad that night. He had seemed like a decent man. I felt safe with them and after awhile grew to feel like they were family. Even though it had always been a little awkward at times because of my slight crush on Isaac. Me and Isaac had become best friends almost immediately.

 Everything was great until Isaac's mom had past away two years later when we were 8 from cancer. His father had become stricter and wasn't like he use to be. He was harsh at all times and then six years later when we 14 Isaac older brother had been killed while fighting in the army across seas. I had felt bad. He was a nice guy and one of the best older brothers I could ask for. After that it had gotten even worse. That's when the abuse started. 

 He would come home later and drunk smashing anything in sight. When that wasn't enough he began to start beating us. Now here we are two years later and me and Issac are 16 left alone to deal with this monster we have to call a father but I won't ever call him my father. I had a father and he died protecting me. He was my father and the only one I will ever have had. 

 I let out a sigh as something else smashes downstairs. He was worse than usual today. Isaac is late coming home. I tried to call him but he isn't answering. He's gonna hurt him so bad when he gets home. I want to help but when I try I get it too just as bad. 

 I let out a gasp as I hear the front door open. The next thing I know I hear screaming and then it's followed by isaac's sobs. I unlock my bedroom door unable to take it anymore and run downstairs to see him pounding into him.

  "Stop" I yell moving toward him. Isaac looks toward me black eye starting to form and blood pouring out of his nose and mouth. He looks so scared but his eyes are full of worry.

 His dad starts to move from Isaac toward me. I watch as Isaac struggles to get up trying to stop him.

  "Mackenzie go" Isaac pleads trying to stop me from getting hurt. He is always protecting me. 

  "No" I say as his dad gets closer. 

 I let out a scream as he grabs me throwing me back into the wall. I struggled to my feet only to be knocked down. I look up as he takes off his belt lifting it over his shoulder. I close my eyes waiting for it to hit my skin but hear a yelp instead. I open my eyes to see that Isaac is now leaning over me blocking his fathers hits. 

 After awhile he stops and heads to his room breaking a few things on the way. I just held onto Isaac and cried feeling bad because of the beating he took for me. I take his hand and pull him upstairs with me to my room pulling him down next to me on my bed. I just held onto him as he cried not knowing what else to do. 

 I slowly run my hands through his curls as we fall asleep. 

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