The Alpha's Mate

Addison is the Alpha Female of the Evergreen pack, her father being the Alpha. At the age of 18, you can find your mate and perform the mating ritual. During Addison's 18th birthday party, the enemy pack, Shadow Moon pack, attack her pack. The Alpha of Shadow Moon pack, Lucas, kidnaps Addison but refuses to tell her why. Until her birthday...


3. Chapter 3

~~I wake up to light streaming in from a window with a huge headache and my hair a mess of curls and tangles. The memories of yesterday flood my mind and I jerk up. Am I dead? My hands rub my face and I lightly pinch my arm, wincing at the slight pain. Not dead. Yet. The light from the window lights up a section of the room and I can see the red wallpaper. The bed I am in matches the walls, there’s a dark brown rocking chair sitting in front of the of the window and a bunch of pictures of nature tacked up on the walls . I slowly stand up, wavering slightly and grasping the bed post with my hand to keep from falling. I slowly walk around the room and run my hand across the wall to find a light switch. I find it and flip it on, the light momentarily blinding me.

“Ouch.” I mutter and once my eyes adjust to the light, I scan the room. I see a TV hung up on the wall facing the bed, a computer desk with a laptop sitting in the center, and a black rug with red swirls under the bed.

“Tyler? Dad? Austin? Anyone?” I call out but no response. Too far away, I inwardly groan.

Where are we? My wolf whines, feeling the withdrawal from the pack. My wolf needs our Alpha. I need my dad. Tears sting my eyes and I hold back a sob. Don’t cry. Be strong. You have to make it out of here. My feet start walking towards the window involuntarily and I peek out. I gasp at the view. I can see the mountains in the distance and a pond in the yard. I see a couple cuddling on the bench near the pond while the girl tried to skip rocks but was failing miserably. I step away from the window knowing with them out there, I couldn’t escape. I start looking for a second option. I spot a vent but I don’t think I can fit through there. I may be small but that vent is the size of my thigh. I hear laughter from the window and I rush over to peek out. My sudden movement made me slip and smack my head on the glass. Fortunately, it didn’t break but it did get the couples attention. I duck out of the way and crawl towards the door to lock it but there isn’t a lock. Damn! What kind of door doesn’t lock?!

“Think Addie. What would Tyler do?” I groan. Tyler would fight. Tyler and I make up the fight-or-flight thing. He fights while I take flight. Not by choice but usually, by dad’s command. But we don’t usually have to fight often. Stupid Lucas.

Speaking of Lucas, wasn’t he suppose to gank us? My wolf asks and I can’t hold back the laugh from her Supernatural moment. Oh, got to love Dean.

Yes. I wonder why we’re alive. I reply and that’s when I hear it. Footsteps coming toward my door. Time to be Tyler. I turn the light off and ninja roll under the large king-size bed. The door swings open and the light from the hallway illuminates a wide path. Leading right under the bed. A pair of back wedges come into view and I listen to the click-clack as she gets closer to me. When she is directly in front of me, I roll out and tackle her. I land on her and she squeaks in surprise. She looks at me with wide green eyes and her black hair spread out behind her head.

“Where am I?” I growl out and her eyes fill with fear.

“I c-can’t say. I’m so-sorry.” She gasps out and I glare.

“Tell me where I am.” I command.

“Lucas’s house.” She answers and when she realizes what said, she glares fiercely at me.

“I wasn’t going to hurt you. There was no need of doing that.” She whines before pushing me off. I land on my butt and she starts laughing.

“I’m sorry.” She apologizes and I shrug.

“I’ve had worse. What time is it?” I say and when she gives me a big grin, I start laughing.

“See, I’m not so bad. I know you probably don’t want to meet anyone new so I propose a girls day of sorts. You can stay right here and we can watch movies, talk, and get to know each other. About 5 o'clock.” She says and stands up, offering me a hand.

“Why would I do that?” I ask warily, hesitating but taking her hand. She pulls me up and I dust of my butt off. Wait…my dress ripped. I look down and notice I’m in a pair of gray sweatpants and a pink tank top. Who in the hell changed me?! Or well, dressed me.

As if reading my thoughts, she said,” I dressed you in some of my clothes. Hope you don’t mind.”

“I’d rather have it be you than Lucas.” I say, making her laugh.

“My brother isn’t that bad. To answer your previous question about the girls day, my reason is simple. So you can have a friend here. I understand if you don’t want to. Just thought I’d offer.” She says.

“Your brother?! I will do it but you have to answer some questions.” I try to bargain with her.

“I can’t answer all of them but some I can.” She says, ignoring the brother comment and I nod. I understand her not wanting to talk about him. He’s a monster.

“I’ll go get some food and girl stuff.” She says before starting toward the door.

“What’s your name?” I ask before she walks out.

“Evelyn but you can call me Eve. Your’s?” She asks but by the look on her face, I can tell she knows.

“Addison but you can call me Addie. As if you didn’t know.” I tease, surprising us both.

“I’m going to enjoy having you around.” She smiles before walking away. How long do I have to stay here? In Lucas’s house? Why am I here? Why didn’t he kill me? How is Eve and Lucas related? She is nice and he is horrible!

Stay calm, my wolf says. I take a deep breath and fall back on the bed. I have to admit, this bed rocks.


 Eve returns about 30 minutes later with a smile on her face. She throws 3 magazines, a bag full of junk food, a 2-liter bottle of Dr. Pepper and a bunch of movies at my feet.

“Lucas says you need actual food so here’s a bagel.” She says and holds out a bagel wrapped in paper towel. The smell of blueberry cream cheese melting on a toasted bagel makes my stomach grumble. She smirks at me and I take a bite of it. A huge bite. I was starved. I’m not the kind of girl who is afraid of eating in front of people. When I eat, I eat. I don’t nibble.

“Lucas is going to love you.” Eve says with a squeal.

“What can I say, I am a catch. But no. I don’t want him to love me and I’m not a catch.” I say and finish off my bagel.

“Change of topic. You have questions?” She asks and I nod quickly. She opens the junk bag and picks out a piece of candy as I think of the questions.

“Why am I here? Why aren’t I dead? What happened after I passed out? How long am I here? Is he really as bad as the stories proclaim him to bed? Is he going to hurt me? Why did he attack my pack? How are you two related? You’re nice and he is, well, not.” I spit question after question at her. She ponders on how to answer each question while chewing on a Rolo.

“Whoa. Slow down,” She smiles before continuing,” I can’t tell you why you’re here. He only said he was going to kill you to get you away from the rogues. You transformed back to human form and he made me come with some clothes to dress you, he did not look I promise, and he carried you here. I don’t know how long you’ll be here. He is nothing like the stories tell him to be. He is not going to hurt you, promise. I honestly have no clue why he did what he did. Well, our parents was in love and decided ’Why not have another kid?!’ so they got toge-” She says but I cut her off by slapping my hand over her mouth.

“I know how it happens.” I say and uncover her mouth. I ponder the answers I’ve received and she snacks on Rolos’.

“Hey, save me some.” I say and she tosses me one. I unwrap it and pop it in my mouth. Why can’t I know why I am here?

Blackmail? Ransom? My wolf suggests.

Maybe. I answer.

“I have some questions for you.” Eve says and I motion for her to continue since my mouth was full of chocolate and caramel.

“How old are you? Favorite color? Mate or no? Best friend? Favorite food? Favorite movie? Favorite TV series?” She asks.

“17 turning 18 in a few days. Your stupid brother interrupted my birthday party, may I add. Gray, no mate, his name is Tyler, probably quesadillas, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,  and Supernatural. How about you?” I answer. She hands me a Reese cup and I slowly unwrap it.

“18, green, mate, his name is Matthew, I guess you’re the closest thing to my best friend. All the other girls are either snobs, fake or whores after my brother. Definitely nacho, chili, and cheese,  Ride along,” She holds up the movie, “and Supernatural all the way! Sorry about the party.” She says and I shrug the birthday thing off. No biggie. I stuff the Reese’s cup in my mouth and she bursts out laughing.

“Wha?” I ask, my mouth full.

“You look like a blow fish!” She laughs louder. I swallow it and laugh along with her.


 After hours of laughing, catching up on celebrity drama and watching cheesy romance movies, we leave the room. I’m only leaving to help her take the trash to the trashcan. You’d think they’d have one up stairs but apparently, Lucas had them removed once he realized no one was going to take the trash out. So this huge house has two trashcans. In the kitchen and in Lucas’s room. On our way downstairs, we pass a elderly woman carrying a basket of dirty clothes. She looks like she’s struggling.

“Here, let me help you!” I gasp and shove the candy wrappers down my sweatpants pocket, then I take the laundry basket. A look of relief passes over her face.

“Thank you! Is this one of your friends from school Eve?” She asks and Eve shakes her head.

“No. Once I graduated, we all stopped talking. This Is Addison.” Eve says and the woman gasps. She reaches for the laundry but I move back, out of her reach. Confused about her reaction, I grip the basket. The smell of dirty clothes invading my nose.

“No. Please let me help.” I say.

“It’s fine. I can handle it deary.” She says and reaches again but I shake my head. An image of my grandma flickers through my mind.

“Please. You remind me of my grandmother before she passed. Please let me help.” I repeat and give her my best puppy dog eyes. They always worked on daddy. The thought of him made my heart sting so I quickly pushed the thought away.

“Thanks you. I suppose if you’re going to help me, you should know my name. I’m Ms. Carter.” She smiles, her eyes crinkling.

“Nice to meet you.” I tell her.

“Nice to meet you too Addison. May I ask why you’re being nice after he kidnapped you?” She whispered the last part.

“Call me Addie and because he did, not you.” I answer truthfully. We walk downstairs to the laundry room and I throw the trash away as we pass the trashcan. I help wash the dirty clothes and Eve puts the washed clothes in the drier. Ms. Carter is gathering the rest of the dirty clothes from the bedrooms.

“Here you go girls.” She says and hands me the rest of the clothes. I put them in the washer and we all sit around the dining room table waiting until the clothes are done.

“Tell me about yourself.” Ms. Carter says.

“I’m turning 18 in a couple of days. My best friends are Tyler, Sarah and Evelyn,” I say and I hear her squeal, “I’m the daughter of Alpha Daniel of the Evergreen pack, and I don’t know what else to say. I’m an only child. I don‘t have a mate.” I say, running out of things. I don’t lead a very interesting life. The washer dings, signaling the clothes are done. I go transfer the wet clothes to the drier and the dry clothes to the basket.

“While those are drying, we can fold these and put the in the bedrooms.” Ms. Carter says and I nod.

“I’ll help.” I say. Eve stands up and gives me a sheepish look.

“I have to meet Matthew for lunch. He planned a romantic picnic by the pond.” She says and I can’t hold the squeal back.

“That’s so cute! Why the pond though?”

“That’s where we first met and discovered we’re mates.” She says.

“Go get him tiger. Or wolf. Whichever you prefer.” I say and she hugs me and Ms. Carter before running towards, what I assume, is her room.

“I’ll be in your room tonight!” She screams over her shoulder like a total stalker and I laugh at her creepy moment, turning back to Ms. Carter. She’s already started folding. I grab a shirt and start folding but my wolf smelling catches the faint scent of mint and vanilla mixed with the laundry detergent. In what I hope is inconspicuous, I take a deep breath of the scent. 

“That’s Lucas’s shirt.”  Ms. Carter smirks and I blush.

“Well, he smells.” I lie and toss his shirt down.

“Sure.” She says. Her light blue eyes sparkle and her eyes flicker behind me, her mouth forming into a smirk. I turn around and see the very person I hoped to avoid. Lucas.


What do you think?? C: Thanks for reading.

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