The Alpha's Mate

Addison is the Alpha Female of the Evergreen pack, her father being the Alpha. At the age of 18, you can find your mate and perform the mating ritual. During Addison's 18th birthday party, the enemy pack, Shadow Moon pack, attack her pack. The Alpha of Shadow Moon pack, Lucas, kidnaps Addison but refuses to tell her why. Until her birthday...


10. Chapter 10.

Anger courses through my body as I stare into his widened eyes. I jerk out of his grasp and his hands fall limply at his sides. All I see is red. The urge to smack, punch, kick, and scream is pulsing through me. How dare he keep this from me? He’s had plenty of chances to spit it out! Why not tell me? The memories of him acting so casual around me surface, fueling my fiery anger. Is he embarrassed that I am his mate? Did he not want anyone to know? Was he going to reject me? That jerk! That egotistical jerk! “Uh-oh.” I hear Damien mumble and I my glare intensifies. That’s right you asshole. Uh-oh. Lucas’s tried to step closer but I snarl at him, making him stop. Stop this! He is our mate! My wolf snaps. He lied to us! I exclaim and look around the room for something to throw. “Addison, calm down.” He says and I put my hands against his chest, shoving as hard as I can. Not even a little budge. Tingles shoot up my hand, momentarily clogging my anger and I jump back. I will have none of the mate-induced calm shit! I want to me mad! I need to be mad! “No! You don’t get to tell me to calm down!” I scream and he frowns. I see Kylie smirking and my two new friends, Logan and Jordan, looking shocked. “Addison. Please. I don’t even understand why you’re this upset.” Lucas tries to reason, only resulting in me getting ever more angrier. He doesn’t understand? He doesn’t fucking understand?! Of course he wouldn’t! It’s Lucas! The Alpha who has gotten everything he has ever wanted! The one who took me from my home! From my pack! He is our mate! My wolf tries to calm me but I shut her out. I don’t need her commentary. “You don’t understand why I am this upset? You lied to me!” I shout and I can see him holding back his anger. “I lied to you? Is that really what you think I did?” He asks and I glare. I don’t bother speaking. I just give him a curt nod and his jaw clenches. “How did I lie?” “You didn’t tell me we was mates! You had multiple chances but you didn’t! How am I suppose to be mates with someone who keeps important stuff from me? Such as, us being mates!” I exclaim and he Damien gently touches my arm. Lucas’s stare shoots down to Damien’s hand and he lets out a growl. “Shut up!” I say and hug Dam. Lucas growls louder and I smirk, happy he is jealous. I admit, I feel horrible doing this but he deserves it! Damien tugs me loose and offers me a sad smile. “That was not lying! I was holding back until the right time!” Lucas shouts. His voice booms across the whole dining room and even Ms. C quivered in fear. “When was the right time? When you reject me? Because this sure as hell doesn’t seem right to me! This is the exact opposite!” I notice Eve watching us with a scared expression and Matt trying to keep her calm. “Reject you? You think I am going to REJECT you?” Lucas says and laughs darkly. My wolf claws at the wall and I let her in, slightly. Please stop. He is going to leave. We need him. She begs and I roll my eyes. No. He should have told me. I reply. “Why didn’t you tell me then?” I ask and Lucas looks down at me, his gray eyes hard. “I wanted you to like me for me. Not because the damned mate pull.” He says and turns to leave. “I am not done with you!” I scream and chase after him. He turns quickly and my breath catches in my throat. I didn't realize we was so close. His huffs of breath fan over my face and his eyes search mine. I notice the sadness in them and my anger starts to fade. “What?” He growls out and just like that, anger. “I need a mate that I can trust. Not someone who will hide things from me. You hid the most important thing from me!” I shout in his face and go to shove him again but with one hand, he grips my wrist. “Listen to me. You can trust me. I didn’t want the pull to influence your feelings towards me. Go ahead, call me a bad person because I cared. I already love you and I just wanted you to feel the same.” He spits out and storms off, the tingles instantly leaving me. My heart sinks at the recognition that I just screamed at my mate and he told me he loves me. What the hell Addison? “Trouble in paradise?” Kylie cackles and I glare. “You’re serving me still right? I demand you shut the fuck up and leave.” I say coldly and she rolls her eyes before brushing past me. Not without a smartass curtsy though. “Bitch.” I mutter and I notice everyone staring at me. “Are you alright?” Eve says and steps towards me. “Did you know?” I whisper and her eyes flicker towards Damien. “Addi-” “Did you know?” I repeat louder. “Yes. I knew.” She sighs and I look at Damien. “How about you?” “Addison, everyone knew. Everyone except you.” Damien points out. No more anger. Just betrayal and hurt. “Wow. Thank you so much for an amazing birthday.” I roll my eyes and run up the stairs. Mate? My wolf whimpers and tears sting my eyes. The feeling of withdrawal and loneliness filling me was enough to make me want to curl into a ball and sob. No. Not now. I reply and slam my bedroom door shut. Go to him. We need him. He needs us. My wolf says and I face-plant the bed. I scream into my pillow, tears streaking down my face. “Tyler, I need you.” I sob. Why is mates so difficult? Matt and Eve look so happy together. Why can’t I have that? I guess I should have known though. The story he told me flashed in my mind and I laughed at my stupidity. All the flirting, protectiveness, and sweet side he only shows me. So obvious he felt something. But how was I suppose to know it was that we’re mates? I hear my door creak open slowly and I roll over to see who it is. Lucas. “What do you want?” “Can we talk? My wolf is chomping at the bit. He is mad we upset you. I am mad we upset you.” He says, stepping into my room. He takes in my teary eyes and his frown deepens. His arms twitch towards me but he doesn’t move. Let him hold us. My wolf whimpers. “Leave.” I tell him and he looks down. “I’m sorry Addison. Maybe you’ll feel better after a nap?” He suggests and I glare. “Leave.” I repeat and he flicks the lights off. “Happy birthday, my mate.” He sighs before shutting the door. “Yea. What a wonderful birthday to me.” I mumble before shutting my eyes. A few minutes later, I’m out. *** When I wake up, it’s almost dark and my birthday is coming to an end. Not that I care. I’m happy I got a mate but I just don’t like it that he didn’t tell me. Go to him. My wolf whimpers at me and I frown. No. I reply and push the covers off of me. Wait, when did I cover up? Probably during my nap. I shrug it off and swing my feet over the edge of the bed. I walk across the room to the window to see the sun fading behind the mountains. It’s beautiful, I think and my wolf huffs, angry that we’re away from our mate. Whatever. We wouldn’t have this problem, if he would’ve told me. Please. Just look at him then leave. My wolf begs and I roll my eyes. I don’t know if I could just look. I will pulled in by the damn mate pull. The sun light glints off the pond and I notice Eve sitting there. Matt is holding her and tears well up in my eyes. “I want that.” I mutter and my wolf whines louder. We could have that if you would go to him! A small part of me wants to run to him, the wolf part, but I just want to stay in my room. Avoid socialization. No. Stop talking. I say and Eve looks up at my window. I duck out of the way and hope she didn’t see me watching like a creep. I can’t believe she didn’t tell me either. We’re best friends, beside Ty and Sar, but still no secrets. I walk back to my bed and sit back, my back leaning against the headboard. “What to do, what to do?” I mutter and think of anything. I have some ideas. My wolf says smugly. What? I ask, knowing I will regret it. Watch Netflix, go to Lucas, eat junk food, go to Lucas, play on the internet, go to Lucas, and read. Anything sound good? Like going to Lucas? She says and I roll my eyes. Yes actually. I would love to get junk food, watch Netflix, play on the internet and finish the Fae series I started. I say, shutting her out. I stand up and fix my Batman shirt before opening my bedroom door. No one is there. Good. Lets make this quick, I think. I run as fast as I can down the stairs and to the kitchen. I swing the fridge door open and look at the food. Yogurt, pudding, fruit, and cake. I pull the cake out and grin. It’s a chocolate fudge cake. Delicious. Must be for my birthday, I think and bite my bottom lip. Should I cut it? I sit it on the counter and think. It is for my birthday so I should be able to have a slice right? What if they was saving it for later? “Hello child.” I hear Ms. Carter say from behind me. I jump in the air and my heart races. How did I not notice her coming? Fortunately, the cake was on the counter. “Hi Ms. C.” I say and she looks at the cake, smiling. “I see you’ve found your cake.” She laughs and I blush. I wasn’t really mad at her. I couldn’t be mad at her. “I c-can put it b-back.” I stammer and she shakes her head. “No. Go ahead and dig in. You deserve a slice. It is your cake after all.” She says and I nod, pulling the cabinet drawer out. I grab a knife and cut me a small piece out. Ms. Carter hands me a plate and I thank her. “Don’t you want a piece?” I ask her. “No, no. I have to watch my blood sugar.” She says, her eyes crinkling. “Oh. Well, I guess I am just going back to my room.” I say and she nods, “I will bring your diner up in a bit.” She says. “I can come get it.” “I will bring it. I know you don’t want to face him.” She says and I give hr an one-arm hug. “Thank you.” I say and walk out of the kitchen. Sneak into his library and grab a book. I crack the door open and peak my head through. The lights are all off so I can’t see anything. Hopefully, no one is here. I enter the library and shut the door. Darkness surrounds me and I run my free hand over the wall for a light switch. “Don’t let a monster jump out and eat me. Please don’t let me be eaten.” I say to myself as my hand grazes the wall. Nothing else. Just wall. The occasional picture or a place where the paint is chipping but no light switch. “I won’t eat you.” Someone says and I scream. The light is flicked on and a worried but amused Lucas is standing a few feet in front of me. “What the hell you ass?” I shout and put my hand against my chest. My heart thuds and I take deep breaths. I know. For a wolf I am a wimp but my wolf is currently refusing any wolf advantages so, not my fault. “You was the one who snuck into my library. My personal library.” Lucas chuckles and butterflies start swarming. Do these little shits ever get tired? “I will just go.” I say and turn back for the door. “No. Get whatever you’d like.” He sighs and I stare at him. His eyes are downcast and I feel bad. “Thanks.” I say and make a beeline for the fiction section. I grab the second book in the Fae series and rush back to the door, cake still in hand. “Addison, please stay. We don’t have to talk. I just need to be near you.” Lucas speaks up as soon as my hand wrap around the brass door knob. “Lucas…” “Please. I won’t say a word. Just, stay.” He says and pain fills his voice. “Fine. But one word and I’m out.” I say even though my heart soars at the thought of being close to him. I sit on the leather couch and open my book. I take a bite of my cake and my taste buds are in Heaven. “Enjoying the cake?” Lucas smirks. “No words. But yes. Yes I am.” I say and glare. He pretends to lock his lips then throw away the key and I giggle. Mate! My wolf speaks up and I squeak in surprise. He raises an eyebrow at me and I put my finger against my lips, signaling for him to be silent. I start reading the book but I can feel him watching me. Creep much? “Dude, stop.” I say and he looks at me. “Stop what?” He says and I narrow my eyes. “Staring.” I say and he dramatically looks at the ceiling. A small smile plays on my lips but I hide my face in my book. Isn’t he so perfect? My wolf sighs and I roll my eyes. NO. I say. You know he is. She says and I hear a cough. “Yes?” I ask. “What does she have to say?” “Who?” “Your wolf. Mine is enjoying your company as much as I am.” He says and my wolf rumbles. “Nothing. She is just as mad as me.” I lie and she growls. Stop that! She yells. “Oh really?” Lucas says, standing up and walking slowly to me. “No, no. Stop right there.” I say but he ignores me. He stops right in front of me and sits next to me. “You’re telling me that your wolf is not howling in content, that every fiber in your being is not pulling you to me, that all you want, all you need, is right here in this very room.” He says, leaning closer every time. My heart shoots up to my throat and the butterflies intensify. “I m-mean the books are pretty g-good but I ne-need more than j-just that.” I stumble over my words, making him smirk. My wolf is about to drool over him, which is embarrassing. “Don’t be a smartass Addison.” He chuckles. “I h-have to go. I’m s-still pissed.” I say and jump off the couch. He groans and I scurry out of the room. My heart pounds in my chest as I run up the stairs, two at a time. My wolf is still in a lovey-dovey mood so she doesn’t say anything to me. I slam my door shut and push the chair in front of it. I stumble into my bed and stare at the ceiling. Go back. My wolf whines and I don’t answer. “Be mad. Stay. Mad.” I say and close my eyes. My heart finally stops racing and my thoughts clear up, instead of being a jumbled mess. I think of what just happened and groan. I left my damn cake and my book. Plus, the mate pull got to me! *** What do you think? Good or bad chapter? Should I continue this story or not? Thanks for reading!
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