We were hiders

There will be secrets and there will be lies; but there will also be the truth and you know what they say about the truth – they say that it hurts. You will find within a mystery about magic and finding out who you really are. Are you ready?


6. In which we are finally truthful with each other

In which we are finally truthful with each other
and the story ends

The first fact from me in a long time:
Do you know who I am yet?


From all of the clues that I have given you, all of the lies that I have fed, all of the secrets I’ve kept, the story I have told, do you know my identity? I will give you one final hint if you don’t know yet – I am definitely not Death.

The answer to my identity:
I am Merlin. You probably already guessed.


I am that person who came to be lost and who found himself once again in a baby girl I had to cut from a dying stomach. Barely surviving, she provided an anchor to another life. 
I beg of you to forgive me, I doubt that Gwen ever will now because of all the secrecy, but maybe if you can forgive me then that will give some kind of closure, some kind of purpose to finally cross over to Avalon.


Some facts that I will clear up:
- I knew I was going to die because I knew that when I gave my magic up once I entered the human word and passed it on to Gwen when she was born that there would come a day where my body would no longer cope with having no magic. I would die so tragically and leave Gwen all alone in an ever changing world.

- Those deaths over the Loch still remain an unsolved mystery and is a muse to many. I chose them in my letters to have an air of impossible things, and maybe it will also be a muse to Gwen that she will use to thrive. 

I don’t know if I want to go to Avalon, if I want to leave the life of my daughter behind, because if I do go to Avalon I will see Morgana but I will never be able to watch over Gwen until she dies. I hope that her death doesn’t happen for another millennia or so. Fate always works in mysterious ways though.

This story ends where it really began; in a graveyard. I can see my daughter kneeling down facing my headstone and she talks with no tears in her eyes, my final letter clutched in her grip. 

"I miss you, I love you, I wish you could see me." Her whispered words were tragedies to me but I knew that she would be in a safe place. 

Its every week that she visits me, and tells me of her life, although I can already see it. The Unseen are everywhere remember. She tells me that Rob is not the fated man of legend but a descendent of him, and how his magic is in animals. Hugo is in fact pure magic if you can believe it, she tells me once.

Another time she tells me that her talent is the fixed points of time itself. She can relive the life of anyone in a fixed point, one of which was the final battle in which Morgana died and I left the magic world for good. It is something powerful and useful and yet hard to control.  

I would like to tell you that Gwen learned how to be a magic wielder as quick as I had as a novice but she did not. I would like to tell you that she and Robin Hood were always so fabulously in love with absolutely no problems what so ever but I cannot. I would like to tell you that this story had a happy ending but it does not, because life has many happy endings and many worse endings before a true ending is ever reached.

I will however leave you with the final words of my final letter: 

You will be processing how that is even possible. How magic can flow through your veins. How Camelot and Avalon still exist, because they do. They run along this world and only those with magic can pass through worlds. I imagine that King Arthur has recovered from his ails and returned to lead the mighty land against all evil. I will give you some time to process this. 

But when someone comes for you, and they will, you will be ready. Not only for them but to see that magnificent world for yourself. Read below on how to handle the basic traits of magic, and hopefully they will help you find and control your talent - the thing in which you are best at. 

First let me tell you to take deep breaths and centre yourself, you can't not think but abandon useless thoughts and think of something equally distracting and peaceful. A mind at rest is the easiest to personally manipulate.

... All of the steps are cut out for entertainment purposes I assure you dear readers. 

Lastly, let me tell you that I love you with everything I am and that I watch you even if you can't see me. You are a legacy and you are a whirlwind of a storm that make an everlasting mark on the world. I could not be prouder to call you my daughter. 

Live life like nobody's watching. Even if they are. 

Your Father, Merlin. 


I may not be able to keep my promises half the time but you can trust me on this:
I am forever haunted by my lies and that is how this story ends.

But how does it end? It ends with a literal, invisible father who will continue to watch until he is ready to depart. It ends with a grieving girl, who is powerful and will do wonderful things with her life. It ends with two worlds continuing onwards, like they will, without the other knowing. It ends with normality and impossibility.



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