Blood Thirsty

Four Teenagers with Completely Different lives end up in the same hospital. A group of doctor play with the Teenagers genetics and change them into supernatural creatures. They have to work together to find the cure to become human before it to late. Escaping the hospital they go on a long journey to escape the doctors.


2. Victoria Janet Evergreen - 1

"Vicccyyyy!" Arms wrapped around my stomuch. Looking at my best friend gabby, I smiled.

"What's up! Girl?" I turn around and gave her a hug.

"You will never guess!" She smiled like a cat.

"What!" I raised a eyebrow.

"Derek Brown! Asked me to Homecoming!" She squealed.

Damn it! Derek was one the hottest guy in school......

"I am so happy for you doll!" I grinned and hugged her. 

The bell rang......Ringggggggg!

I walked into albegra 2 and sat next to Gabby. 

"Open to lesson 45.. Please."  I hate this class with a passion.

"I have the perfect dress, it's red and have jewels all over the front." Gabby wisperered in my ear.

"You will have to show me sometime." I forced a smile.




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