So when you have today - Justin hills/Kellin Quinn

Kellin had always told me that when I had today, I should say all that I had to say. And now when I have the two guys I've fallen hopelessly in love with I don't know what to say anymore.


7. Beause enoughs enough, we're done -Chaper 7

Kellin's POV

"It has everything to do with me because you just fucking kissed my girlfriend." Justin growls at me and I widen my eyes.

In all honesty, I didn't know what to feel. Believe it or not I actually do like Rose, I have for a long time. But I was completely in love with Kate and I pushed away my feelings for her.

"G-girlfriend?" I stutter out and look at them both.

Rose nods and looks down.

"I-I'm glad you've finally found someone who's gonna treat you right. I'm sorry. I have to go." I mutter and stand up.

"Kellin," Rose says softly and tries to hug me.

I shake her off and walk to the door. "See you guys later." I mumble and leave, closing the door gently behind me.

I walk back down the street, hands in my pocket and head down. I can't believe I let someone else get to her first. I can't believe what I've done to her the past years. I'm the worst best friend ever. Justin deserves her more anyway, and I know he'll treat her right... It still hurts like hell but its for the best.

Maybe getting drunk tonight wouldn't be the worst idea I've had in a while.

Rose's POV

I opened my mouth to say something to Kellin but he shut the door before I got the chance.

A tear rolled down my cheek and I closed my mouth again, sitting on the couch silently.

"Justin..?" I say quietly.

He walks over and sits beside me, pulling me into a hug. "Yes baby?" He asks.

"I'm so sorry." I mutter and bury my face in his neck.

"For what sweetheart?"

"Letting him kiss me." I sigh.

He shakes his head and rubs my side. "That was not your fault, Im not upset princess." He says softly and lifts my chin up, kissing me softly.

I kiss back and wipe my eyes.

"I don't know what to do about him though, he's a mess." I say to him, playing with the end of his shirt.

"I guess we just have to wait and see, I know it's hard seeing your best friend like that, because he's my friend too, but we any really help him at the moment, we're gonna need to wait it out." He says gently and kisses my forehead.

I nod. "I love you Justin."

"I love you too Roses." He mumbles and kisses me again.

Justin's POV

I carefully pick her up and carry her to her room and lay her in bed, crawling in beside her and pulling her close to my chest.

"I don't want to lose you, ever." I mumble and kiss her shoulder.

She smiles and turns around to face me, kissing my nose. "Trust me Justin, you don't need to worry about that." She whispers to me.

"Good." I answer and wrap my arms around her waist.

She sighs and plays with my hair and I stare at her. It sounds creepy but I just watched her for the second time today, just taking in all of her beautiful features. The way her lips curve into the slightest smile when she's content, the way her beautiful blue eyes shine, even in the dullest light and how her long, purple hair is always in perfect waves.

"You're beautiful." I say quietly, still amazed by her perfection.

Her cheeks turn a light shade of pink and I kiss her nose. She wiggles it and giggles.

"And adorable." I add.

"I love you." She says and kisses my jaw.

"I love you too baby." I say and rub her side.

"What do you want to eat?" I ask and sit up, pulling her into my lap.

"Nothing." She replies and I shoot her a look.

"Pizza it is." I say and grab my phone, dialling the number.

I order and sit with her for a while in silence. It wasn't awkward. More, comforting?

"Thank you." She speaks up and looks at me.

"For what turtle?" I ask and she giggles.

"For everything. Being here, loving me, being perfect, and just GAH!" She replies and kisses me.

I smile and kiss back. "It was my pleasure. I'm so glad you have me a chance to show you how much I care about you." I reply and kiss her cheek.

She smiles and I hear the doorbell ring. "ILL GET IT!" I yell and jump off the bed and run down the stairs like a kid.

I answer the door and take the pizza, paying the guy and running back up the stairs. I run back in her room and hop

On the bed beside Rose, putting the pizza box on my lap.

"You are so cute." She says and giggle, kissing my nose.

I blush and peck her lips. "Thank you, now here." I say and hand her a piece of pizza.

She looks at it for a while and hesitantly takes it from me, taking a small bite.

She forces a smile and I look at her sadly. "You don't eat very often, do you?" I ask and she shakes her head.

"Just try your best princess, it'll get better eventually." I whisper and kiss her forehead.

She nods and slowly takes a few more bites.

By the time she was done her first I was on my third. And I don't eat super fast.

That's telling you something.

I see her pick up another piece and pick at it a bit. She eats half of it and hands it to me "I can't eat anymore." She sighs.

I nod. "Well, you ate something at least." I say and smile.

She nods and smiles back weakly.

I finish eating and put the pizza box on the table beside her bed.

I pick her up and sit her on my lap, kissing her all over her face. She laughs. "What are you doing Justin?"

"LOVING MY ABSOLUTELY PERFECT GIRLFRIEND IS THERE A PROBLEM?" I yell and continue kissing her face and neck.

She laughs harder "No, not at all."

"Good." I reply and kiss her.

She kisses back and her phone goes off, which was in her back pocket. I grab her phone and squeeze her butt just because, and I look at the message.

"GABE WANTS TO HANG OUT WITH YOU!" I exclaim and show her the message.

She laughs and kisses my nose "Wanna hang out with him tonight?" She asks me.

"SURE! I NEVER GET TIRED OF THAT FUCKTARD!" I exclaim and jump up and carry her downstairs.

She holds on to me and I run to the door and set her down and slip on my shoes, she does the same with her heels.


"SO I CAN BE AS TALL AS YOU!" She exclaims and walks out the door.

"But you're short and that's adorable." I say and walk out behind her, taking her hand.

She intertwines our fingers and leans up and kisses my cheek. "Well some people don't like being short." She pouts and I laugh and kiss her.

She kisses back and starts walking down the sidewalk and I follow her. We keep walking until we finally see Gabe's house come into view. I stop and stand in front of her and she jumps on my back.

I carry her into the house without knocking, it's only Gabe. He doesn't care.

"GABEEEEEE BABYYYYY IM HOMEEEEEE!" She yells and he comes running out from another room and starts clapping.

"ROSEY, BABY! COME HERE!" He screams and she jumps off my back and Runs into Gabe's open arms.

He picks her up and twirls her, and while they're completely oblivious to me, Jack walks out.

"JACKY-POO!" I scream and run to him and embrace him in a hug.

"JUSTIN, BOO! I MISSED YOUR PRETTY ASS!" He yells and hugs me back tightly.

We laugh and watch Gabe and Rose fuck around with each other and then, she eventually jumps on his back and he runs into the living room and they collapse on the floor in a fit of giggles.

"Gabeyyyyyyy." Rose drags out.

"Roseyyyyyyyyyyyyy." Gabe mimics.

She crawls on his lap and pokes his cheek. And he pokes her stomach.

Me and Jack look at each other and shrug, walking Into the kitchen

"That doesn't bother you?" Jack asks me and I shake my head.

"I know she wouldn't do anything. She couldn't. Because she like has this incapability of hurting people." I chuckle.

He laughs. "She's a keeper dude. Rose is the best girl friend I've had in a long time, and she really likes you."

"I know, and I really love her." I mutter and smile.

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