So when you have today - Justin hills/Kellin Quinn

Kellin had always told me that when I had today, I should say all that I had to say. And now when I have the two guys I've fallen hopelessly in love with I don't know what to say anymore.


15. And then I lost it all - Chapter 15

Rose's POV

Justin and Kellin haven't talked since yesterday. Kellin was fine, Justin calmed down, and my manager got us a new bassist. Her name was Taylor and she was really pretty. So I spent the rest of my night getting to know her.

She was super nice, but kinda shy so she'd eventually warm up to us.

We we're getting ready to Go on stage when Justin comes up to me. "Good luck baby girl." He says and kisses me softly.

I smile. "Thank you Justin, I love you." I say and peck his lips.

The rest of the guys hug me and wish me luck. I look at my band mates and we all nod.

"3... 2... 1..." I yell and we run on stage.

We had deafening cheers to bring us out and I grab the mic.

"Hello everyone, how are you tonight?!" I yell and I get greeted with cheers.

I hear some boo's but it barely phases us all. We sing a play a few of our own songs, and a few covers.

Let's just say, the first concert went AMAZING! This tour will definitely be life changing if nothing else!

We run off stage after saying goodbye when our set was done.

Justin, Jack, Jesse, Kellin and Gabe are all cheering for us. Some crew member took my guitar and I ran into Justin's open arms and he kisses me, smiling.

"You did absolutely amazing!" He exclaims and I laugh.

"Thank you!" I giggle and kiss his nose.

"Now go do even better." I command and jump down from his arms.

"Not possible!" He yells and runs on stage with the others.

I watch part of their set, then go and shower because ew. I change into my black ripped skinny jeans and my Fitted My Chemical Romance t-shirt. I reapplied my makeup and slipped on my converse.

I walk out just as Sleeping With Sirens finished.

I smile and hug Justin tightly and kiss his cheek. "You did amazing baby." I whisper in his eyes and he kisses me.

I smile and hug the rest of the guys, telling them they did great.

They all go shower and change out of the sweaty clothes they were in when Tay walks up to me.

"Hello!" I chirp happily.

"Hey! Great show!" She says and I hug her.

"You did awesome!"

"You too! So what do we have planned tonight?" She asks.

"I'm not sure, I'll go ask Justin okay?" I say and she nods.

I run into SWS' dressing room and see a shirtless Justin and I fangirl a bit.

"Hey Justin?" I ask and he turns to face me.

When he sees it's me he smiles wide, "Yeah?"

"What are we doing tonight, Tay wanted to know." I ask.

"Um.. We were planning on going out, do you wanna come?" He asks and my smile falls.

"No thank you, I don't really like clubs. I'll just stay behind." I say and he pouts.


"Someone might stay with me." I say and shrug.

"I will!" Kellin chimes in and Justin clenches his jaw, angrily.

"It's okay Justin." I say softly and kiss his nose. "That would be awesome!" I exclaim and smile at him.

"Yes!" He exclaims and straightens some things around.

"I'm gonna go tell Tay, love you Justin." I say and walk out.

"Tayyyyy!" I exclaim and she smiles.


"They're going out tonight, but I think me and Kellin are staying back, what about you?"

"I'll stay with you!" She says happily and I smile.

Kellin walks out and hugs me. "Gabe is staying too, are you Tay?" He asks and she nods shyly.

"Alright, we'll have a besties party!" He exclaims in a high pitched voice (higher than his regular voice).

I laugh and ask my other bandmates if they were going, and of course they were.

Me, Tay, Kellin and Gabe all walk back to Eternal Tragedy's bus.

We all sit on the floor/couch and decide on watching a movie.

We laughed and joked and fooled around for what seemed like forever. I forgot about everything that had been bothering me, and just actually enjoyed life with my friends.

Gabe's POV

I got a text from Jack and an instant smile appeared on my face, that was until I read what it had said.

'Call me right now, it's important. Make sure Rose isn't in the room, or Kellin.' It read and I stood up and went to the back.

I clicked on Jacks contact that read 'my love ❤️' and it dialled.

Jack picked up almost immediately and I could tell he was outside. I could hear wind through the speaker and the music was muffled.

"Gabe you'll never guess what the fucking idiot did."


"Justin." He says nervously.

"What the fuck did he do?" I growl.

"Let's just say the last time I saw him he was dancing with some slut, drunk off his ass, and now I can't find him." He says and sighs.

He cheated on her.

"I'm gonna fucking kill him when I see him again." I spit and he groans.

"I think Jesse will beat you to it." He mutters. "He's so pissed he had to come outside to cool down. I'm so worried about how Rose is gonna react."

"Well we need to tell her,"

"Maybe we should let Justin do it."

"Yeah but what if he never does?"

"Jesse will probably do it before he gets the chance anyway." He mutters and I hear Jesse yelling in the background.

"I swear I'll fucking murder him!" He yells.

"Let me talk to him." I sigh.

"Okay, I love you."

"I love you too."

He puts Jesse on the phone.

"Man, you need to calm down, we'll deal with him tomorrow. Let's wait and see if he'll tell Rose himself, if he doesn't, we'll take matters into our own hands."

"Can I still beat the shit out of him?"

"We all want to, but Rose would know something's up. Let's wait it out okay?"

"Okay, bye Gabe."

"Bye Jesse."

I hand up and groan. What have you gotten yourself into Justin?

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