It's me

when you see me. you will die


1. night four

It was 2 am and the  new security guard was trying his best to up. then  he saw me looking at him. "what are you?"


"I am not one of theme..."       the guard did not know what to do say and killed by the others or stay with me.   *i  teleport out the room*     the guard was  scared he knew i was out there and his camera can not see where i am or if i am real or not...

foxy was the one who found him and later killed him.    with a loud scream it was over for the guy. now i know what you may be thinking  we don't like killing anyone but we have too. Now the one we want to kill is the  purple guy  why you may ask he kill when we where kids  we hurts kids at all we to keep from ending up like us. We have rules you knows   we do trust and love if make past the night you may be ale to live  but if not well..  you'll be one of us.   

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