An ongoing collection of sonnets, written with the rhyme scheme of William Shakespeare and dedicated to J.A.C.


2. Sonet no. 2: By Angelic Grace

When it comes to you and our love,
No one can feel something that is equal.
Your form is pure and white, like the dove,
Yet strong and fierce like the eagle.


For you, there has been too much harm,
People have tried to bring you to knees.
The world has been unkind which brings me alarm,
But from this point, if you want, I will be your shield.


Love is what will be the theme of our life,
With you I will walk through street and forest.
Even if we should be possessed by strife,
Sweet thoughts return to me like any chorus.


I will never let you go, even if told so,
Cause the angels chose us for love to bestow.

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