Adopted By The Janoskians

Becky and Laura are slaves in a place where they don’t belong, they were taken away from their families long ago, Becky is younger than Laura by 2 years, They have always been slaves but one day five boys come to ‘adopt’ and turn their world around.


3. Chapter 2


I was awoken by the sound of my name being called, he then called Rebecca, we both sat up, ''SHIT!'' Becky yelled, ''We slept in'' she added, obviously seeing my confused look, at that moment the master walked in and looked at me and Becky, ''Get downstairs and bake some snacks, the visitors are coming'' he said, we both stood up and put on our work clothes, we then walked downstairs, and started baking cupcakes, we didn't know much about the guys, all we knew was that they're Australian and are paying good money to get the right 2 people, we then started placing the cupcakes ontrays and trolleys and started wheeling them into the room just as the doorbell rang, then 5 guys walked in and me and Becky kinda just stared at them, ''Get upstairs!'' he yelled, we both ran upstairs and sat on the top stair, we stared through the bars and watched the guys look at all the girls, at that moment a smallish boy looked up and caught my eye, he was cute, he smiled, he then nudged the boy next to him, ''How about them?'' he whispered, the boy looked up and caught Becky's eye, ''We'll take them 2'' the boy said looking straight into Becky's eyes, the master looked up, ''You really don't want them two'' he said, ''Yeah we do'' a tall boy said, both me and Becky looked at him, he smiled, ''Come on girls'' he saqid, we both stood up and ran upstairs to get the few things we had left, we walked down and looked at them, ''You ready?'' the boy that like Becky asked, we both nodded, the boy that I like looked at me, ''Lets go'' he said, both me and Becky looked at the 'Master', ''It's been a great 9 years, sir'' Becky said with her head down, he turned around and glared at her, she turned back to look at him, 'SLAP!', me and Becky both stared at him, she started letting the tears fall. ''Happy fucking birthday, bitch'' he said, she looked up at him and nodded.


'SLAP!' the two girls turned to look at him, the small ginger one that I liked started to let her tears fall, ''Happy fucking birthday, bitch'' he said, she looked up at him and nodded, He'd fucking hit her... And it was her birthday, I looked at the guy, ''Don't you fucking hit her!'' I yelled without thinking, 'SLAP!' the bastard had just hit me, quite hard, I held my face and stumbled back, at that moment Jai stepped forward, ''Don't fucking hit my brother!'' he yelled, the dude put his hand back and was about to hit Jai when Beau stepped infront of Jai and he hit Beau instead, Beau held his face, he then turned to us, still holding his face, ''Come on boys, let's go'' he said, we all walked out, and the girls came with us, ''So... What're your names?'' Skip asked them, ''I'm Laura'' the brunette one said, ''And... I'm Becky'' the ginger one whispered, her eyes were red and puffy, I looked at her, without warning I pulled her into my arms and hugged her tight, she laid her head on my chest and snuggled up to me, we all got in the car and Beau started driving, we pulled up to our house, and walked in for the girls to look around, ''We love it!!'' they both yelled, Beau looked at me and gave me a high five, ''Jai... You owe us $10 each'' Beau said, ''Why?'' Jai asked, ''Because you bet us $10 each, that they wouldn't like it, when we bet you that they would'' I told him, ''Oh... Shit'' he replied, me and Beau started laughing.

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