Remember me?

Luke and dani are best friends but every thing changes when he has to move away from her... (Trigger warning)


7. the talk

uh uea sure luke we can go talk where?

lukes pov

um we can go upstairs to my room she just nodded we went upstairs and the guys just stated to stare and Michael was smirking. so lucas what do you want to talk about she said as she sat on my bed. I just wanted to talk to you since i haven't seen you in like what five years i want to talk so things aren't awkward for you around them.

danis pov

oh it wont be a bit awkward for me its just i haven't met them before and Michael might even be my new best friend he just stared at me all sad oh was all he said. you thought was all i said and he started to smile you know you would always be my bestfiend

yea i guess unless you start to go with Michael or if we get into a fight but you never know.


im going to be updating this one a lot more

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