My Bully

Sammie Irwin is a girl who just wishes for perfection. Yeah it helps with Luke by her side... but its Michael who pushes her into tht corner of sorrow..... "I'm Sammie Irwin, and this is my story..." I wiped a tear that fell.....

Written by:Kitkat135sos and 5Sos_is_bae


10. Chapter 6

Sammie's POV

Then I saw something I probably wasn't supposed to see... Michael and his ex girlfriend Abigial making out near the drinking fountain. "Holy fuck! What the hell Michael?!" I shouted, drawing some attention... But at this point I really didn't care. He pulled away from Abigail... I worried look flushed over his face. "Sammie... I- uh It's not what it looks like..." He said. Abigail sat there with a devious smirk on that stupid little face of hers. "Yeah?! Well it looks like you blew me off... in the middle of a god damn movie to make out with your ex girlfriend." I stated. "Sammie.. really it's not what it looks like." Michael said. I rolled my eyes. I tried to look really pissed off, but I was already on the brink of tears. I covered my face in my hoodie sleeves walking away. "Sammie!" I heard Michael shout behind me. I could hear his foot steps behind me as I burst through the doors in to the weather... that had gotten a bit colder. I let a few tears fall, burning my eyes and blurring my vision. I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around to see Michael. I quickly wiped away the tears that fell. Anger started boiling inside of me. "What the fuck do you want Michael. You have your little slut waiting for you." I scowled. "Sammie please let me explain." He pleaded. "Explain what?! That you took me somewhere so we could hang out... just for me to find you sucking faces with abigail?! I bet that was your whole plan." I said actually letting a tear fall. "Sam... I know I was a total asshole to you these years, I actually like you.. I wouldn't lie about that." He said. The wind picked up, I put my hood over my hair. "Please let me explain." He begged. I rolled my eyes. "10 seconds. Go" I said. "Ok. Ashton called me and started questioning where we were and if I was being rude. or nice. He wouldn't shut up. And then Luke... He really wouldn't. I was about to return to you but Abigail walked up to me.. She must have noticed you walk out... because she all of a sudden started kissing me." He said taking a deep breath. I felt another tear fall. "sam you have to believe me." I turned around and started walking. I felt him grab my hand and turn me around, "Why should I-" I was cut off in my sentence by him pressing his lips against mine. It felt like I was flying... but I pulled away quickly. "I- uh- um- I'm sorry..." Michael said before walking away. So of course I was left there, alone. I pulled out my phone and dialed in Ashton.

Ashton- oh my god... are you ok. What do you need. Is everything going ok?

Sammie- Yea I'm fine just come pick me up.

Ashton- Where's Michael?

Sammie- I don't want to talk about it just please pick me up. It's about to start raining and I'm alone in front of the movie theater.

Ashton- Ok. I'm kind of busy so I'm going to send Luke to come get you.

Sammie- Ok. Thanks.

I hung up, sitting down on the curb. Just as I suspected it started raining... soon full on pouring. All I had on was a hoodie, so the water was soaking into my hair and skin. Finally I saw Luke's car. I saw him and he looked worried. i rolled my eyes. Ashton probably told him I was on the edge of fucking dieing. "Hey Lucas Poocas." I said hopping into the passenger. "Are you ok? Where is Michael? What happened? Are you ok?" He questioned very quickly. It took me awhile to actually understand what he said. "You really want me to tell you everything?" I asked taking off my hoodie and putting on one of Luke's that he brought. "No Duh Sammie" Luke said with a chuckle. I told him everything… leaving out the kiss detail. “So he just left.. i know he is mean but, not like that.” He said and i sighed. he glared at me. “There is more to the story isn’t there?” He asked. I slowly nodded. “Then tell me!” He said. I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Ok fine. When we were arguing outside… I tried walking away, he pulled me back… and uh um.” I said stuttering off. “Uh. um. What?” He said. I let out yet another sigh. “He kissed me. And then he apologised… walking away.” I said. “Why didn’t you follow him?” He asked. “I don’t know.” I said before putting my head phones in...blasting some music. To mute out Luke. i told him everything. What else does he want to know?

Michael’s POV

What the fuck was I thinking?! Why did I kiss her? She probably hates me more than she does. What if she tells Luke… what if she tells Ashton. I would wake up in a body bag, six feet under the dirt. I walked through the theater… searching for Abigail. We broke up like a year ago… i just wanted to say hi. Not fucking make out with her. She probably saw Samm coming… Then i spotted her, with a guy. Of Course. It’s her current boyfriend. Zach. I don’t care if he doesn’t believe me. “Abigail!” i shouted. She turned at me… smirking, before putting on her poor little stupid victim face. “What do you want Michael?” She asked, she looked at Zach… who didnt pay attention, he was on his phone. “Why the hell did you do that?” I asked when I finally got to her. “Hmm?” Zach said actually paying attention for once. “Your slut of a girlfriend might have ruined my relationship with someone.” I said. “What did i do?” Abigail asked. “Yeah! And don’t talk to her like that.” He said. You sure as hell know what you did. Now you and your man whore can continue on with whatever the hell your doing… And by the way you might want to see who he’s texting… Seems pretty sexual.” i said with a smirk when i glanced at his phone. Before they could respond I turned around walking away. “Who the fuck is Stacey?!” I heard Abigail yell behind me.

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