Bad Boy ||A.I||

A girl named Joelle Smaller has had a rough life, dealing with her dad who is a drunk junkie. She needed some excitement in her life. Why not hang with the bad boy Ashton Irwin, why not fit in to his gang?


15. Thinking

Chloe and I have had the most laziest day ever. All we've done is eat, sleep, and watch movies.

We've also just talked about life, we even repeated some stuff that we said last night but in more detail. We've missed out on so much stuff in each others lives it's ridiculous.

'Do you want to watch another movie?' I ask eating some popcorn.

'Maybe later yeah? I feel really fat, do you wanna maybe go for a run or something?'

'I reckon we should wait a little cos I've been eating this popcorn like crazy.' I say eating some more popcorn.

'Joey I'm taking that away from you.' She says giggling and snatching the bowl from me.

'You little bitch! I didn't actually think you would do that!' I start laughing because she started laughing.

'Why are we laughing? This isn't even funny.' She says trying to stop laughing.

'What was in the popcorn? Cos like this is crazy.' I ask pulling a straight face.

'We are so weird.' She says getting out of bed and leaving her room.

'Agreed.' I say while she is walking to the kitchen.

While she's gone I start to think about Ashton. He is so amazing and I just want to like kiss him whenever I see him he just seems so perfect in a non perfect way if you get what I mean.

I wonder what he thinks about me? Like does he feel the same as me or is he just going to fuck me over? I mean he does have a bit of a reputation and I don't know what I would do if he pulls the same old shit on me. I would probably beat the crap out of him if I'm honest. What if he just wants sex? What if he's like my dad? So many questions and so little answers.

I'm really sorry for the little chapters, not only on this one but on all my other stories too. I don't really know how to make them long chapters anymore. Sorry guys but I hope you enjoy this chapter and the story so far.


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