Bad Boy ||A.I||

A girl named Joelle Smaller has had a rough life, dealing with her dad who is a drunk junkie. She needed some excitement in her life. Why not hang with the bad boy Ashton Irwin, why not fit in to his gang?


3. The Unisex Toilets

The recess bell went so I quickly copied down what I needed. Everyone else grabbed their books and stood behind their chairs. Once I was ready the teachers dismissed us and we all walked back to our lockers.

My locker was across the hall from the class we were in so I pushes through the rushes of the new year 8s frantically trying to get to their lockers, once I got to mine the girl who is underneath me was already there. I waited patiently until she was done, which took a while, then I could finally get to my own, I noticed the girl whose locker was on top of mine was behind me, I chucked my books into my locker and quickly got my recess out. Once I shut my door I noticed this big group of guys walking in, I tried not to make much eye contact. Once I was in line with them, I felt one of them grab my arm and pull me to the other side of the room.

I stumbled a little causing me to blush, but before I could see who it was his lips crashed onto mine. It tasted like cigarettes and alcohol, but some how I liked it, I pulled away, determined to see who this person was, I looked up at him because he was much taller.

'Ashton.' I breathed.

He didn't answer, he just smiled and ran with his hand still attached with my arm, meaning he was dragging me to wherever he wanted to go, he ended out taking me to an out of bounds area. The place was absolutely deserted.

'Ashton what are we doing here?' I ask.

He smiles and brings his hand up to my cheek. I smile as well, before his lips crash upon mine. He pushes me back against the nearest wall, I have to admit, it hurt a little bit, but I was fine with what was happening, I need a little excitement in my shitty life, this could be just what I need.

'Joelle' he moans softly against my lips.

I smile and take this opportunity, I pull my lower half off the wall and push it onto Ashton. I hear him moan a little louder and a smile plays upon my lips.

He pulls me off the wall and we end up on the grass, and I'm on top of him.

I smile and continue to kiss him, we make out for a while and then I started to grind on him. His moans are the only thing I hear, I like this.

I start to feel something between my legs, his boner, it made me giggle and continue to grind on him, but harder and slower.

'Fuck' he says throwing his head back, then returning his lips back onto mine.

About 1 minute after, he disconnects our lips. 'If we don't stop now, I will seriously cum in my pants.' He says. I look around and I see a small toilet block. I turn back around and smile. 'What?' He asks looking down at his bulge.

'Unisex toilets.' I say simply. He smiles at me and he starts to get up, he can't get up all the way so I helped him a bit. We ran to the toilets and started making out again. He pushes me into a toilet and then he starts to take off his pants, I get down on my knees and I lick the tip. He groans and smiles, 'Come on now' he says. I smile up at him and begin to suck.

Once I feel the cum shots in my mouth I swallow it and get off of my knees.

We clean ourselves up and begin to leave.

'We should defiantly hang out more, no doubt about it.' He says with a smile.

The bell rang.

'Defiantly.' I say, I kiss him and then run away to my locker.

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