Bad Boy ||A.I||

A girl named Joelle Smaller has had a rough life, dealing with her dad who is a drunk junkie. She needed some excitement in her life. Why not hang with the bad boy Ashton Irwin, why not fit in to his gang?


4. The slip up in Home ec

After what happened with Ashton in the unisex toilets I ran to my locker. I looked at my timetable, Tuesday, lesson 4 and 5, double elective, double home ec, double Ashton and his friends.

I get my folder and my pencil case, walk through the crowded hallway and exit the Building. I walk across to the other side to another building, which is the home ec and tecstyles building. I waited there until other people came, people I knew people like -

'ERIN!' I yell.

'Joelle!' She laughs.

'Partners?' I ask. She nods her head and we walk inside because the lights were on.

'Welcome, hurry now and get everything ready.' Ms lawson, our home ec teacher told us.

We nodded and got on our aprons, we fixed our hair and washed our hands, then we waited at the main bench for everyone else to come in.

Nearly everyone is here apart from Ashton and his friends.

'Who're you looking for?' Erin asks me.

'Oh just Niki.' I lie.

'Youre lying.' Erin says simply.

'What? No I am not!' I say looking at her.

She give me this look, like, 'come on, I know that's not true' that kind of look.

'Ok fine. I'm looking for Ashton.' I say.

She looks at me shocked.

'Why are you looking for him? You know he's bad news right?' She says.

'I know.' I say. 'I just need some excitement in my life, you know with my da- never mind.' I say. I haven't told her, let alone anyone, about my dad. They don't need to know my problems, they probably have their own problems to worry about.

'What about your dad?' She asks.

'Never mind. Can we please just drop it?' I ask.

She gives me a look of worry and I shrug it off.

'Fine.' Is all she says.

It gets really awkward, then the bell rings indicating the start of the lesson.


There is going to be like another part to this chapter, so this isn't everything that happens in the home ec lesson.

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