Bad Boy ||A.I||

A girl named Joelle Smaller has had a rough life, dealing with her dad who is a drunk junkie. She needed some excitement in her life. Why not hang with the bad boy Ashton Irwin, why not fit in to his gang?


6. It was too late.

Ms. Lawson tells us were making Anzac biscuits, I haven't eaten one in years. I smile at the memory. I get two recipes then Erin and I go to bench 6 at the back of the kitchen. I get all the equipment while she gets the ingredients.

'Ok so we need a big metal bowl, alright.' I say to myself. I open some cupboards until I find the metal bowls. I straighten up and begin to read what else we needed until the screeching sound of the door occurred. I diverted my attention to the noise and wait for the person to come through.

'Youre late Mr. Irwin. Ah Mr. Hood good to finally see you and same goes for you to Mr. Clifford and Mr. Hemmings.' Ms. Lawson say, I giggle a little and see Ashton's eyes dart towards me.

He smiles, 'sorry it won't happen again.' He says not breaking eye contact with me.

'We all know it will Ashton.' She says. Ashton breaks eye contact with me and gives her a cheeky grin, he begins to walk off to get an apron. 'Oh and boys.' She says.

'Yes miss?' They all ask.

'Youre all in detention at lunch.' She says.

They sigh, 'Of course miss.' One of the friends say with an annoyed expression.

Ashton groups with Calum and Michael and Luke go together. Ashton walks to the spare bench next to us, bench 5, and Luke and Michael walk to the one across from us, bench 4, Calum looks for a few recipes at the front bench and comes to bench 5.

'Go get the ingredients.' Ashton almost ordered Calum.

'Yeah whatever just have everything ready when I get back.' Calum says. Ashton nods and Calum walks to the tables with the ingredients.

Calum comes back and Ashton has nearly everything ready, I just sit back with Erin and try to mix the mixture together.

'Joelle, Ashton keeps staring at you.' Erin whispers.

'I know, isn't it great?' I whisper with a cheeky grin.

'Joe, any attention from him is the worst attention.' She says a little bit louder, just a bit.

'Look I just need some excitement in my life ok.' I say trying to keep my voice as low as possible.

'Why?' She asks.

'Ill tell you at lunch ok.' I say. She nods her head, I really don't want to tell her why. What if she tells everyone? No, she won't do that she's my best friend.

'Hey babe.' Ashton says placing his hands on my waist.

'Hey.' I whisper trying to make little teaspoons of batter on the baking tray.

I feel something warm on my back.

'What was that?' I yell. I can hear Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton laughing.

'Shhh!' Ms. Lawson says.

I stop doing what I was doing and reach my arm behind my back. I wipe my finger on the runny, oily substance and bring my finger to my mouth.

'Did you seriously just throw melted butter at me?' I whisper loudly.

'Yeah, so what if I did.' He says with the cheekiest grin I have ever seen.

'Ok, I'm going to get some printing, I will be back in about 10 minutes ok. BEHAVE!' Ms. Lawson says. She leaves the room and I go to the main bench. I grab the biggest cup I could find then fill it up with flour. Ashton couldn't see what I was doing either, I slowly walk over hiding the glass behind my back.

'Hey Ashton.' I say simply he turns his whole body to face me. I smile evilly and pour the flour all over his head.

'Ok I deserved that.' He said.

'Oh, I'm not done yet.' I say.

I grab an egg that Erin and I didn't use and smashed it on his head.

'Im done now.' I say simply and finish my last little bit of batter and Erin puts it in the oven for me.

I look over to Ashton and he has a huge bowl filled with some kind of liquid he pours it all over me.

I lick my lips, milk.

'REALLY! MILK' I yell.

'Yeah.' He says simply.

I smile. 'This just got real.' I say.

I walk over to the cool room where we keep our food and try and find something. Banana, apple, pineapple, lettuce, apple juice, pineapple juice, banana syrup, tomato and strawberry syrup.

I take all the liquids.

I get a mixer and plug it in the wall that was in the cool room, I also decide to get the lettuce and tomatoes. I mixed them all together and poured them into a bowl.

I walked out and threw the disgusting liquid all over him. He gets the detergent and squeezes it. It shoots at me. I step back a little. Everyone is watching. I find some corn flour and thought, maybe if I add some water, and some food colouring. I did exactly that, while I was making it Ash, I mean Ashton was continuously shooting dish washing detergent at me.

I finally finished and got up out of my seat. I stood in front of him and leaned the bowl so it would go on his head, at the same time the door screeched open. It was too late.

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