Bad Boy ||A.I||

A girl named Joelle Smaller has had a rough life, dealing with her dad who is a drunk junkie. She needed some excitement in her life. Why not hang with the bad boy Ashton Irwin, why not fit in to his gang?


7. 'I defiantly won.'

'What on earth is going on here!!?' Ms Lawson screamed. All the goop poured onto Ashton's head.

'Sorry miss.' I said dropping the bowl on the floor.

'Detention! You and Ashton have got detention all week!' She yelled. 'Go to student reception!' She continued.

'But miss.' I began.

'Leave now!' She yelled.

'What about Erin and Calum?' I asked.

'They can become partners now leave!' She yelled again.

'Fine.' I yell back.

I storm out the room with Ashton behind me.

I started to walk up the stairs and I could hear Ashton's giggle. Man it was so cute- wait he's laughing.

'Why are you laughing?! This isn't funny!' I yell.

'Sorry' he laughed. 'But it is. I mean look at us.' He laughed again. I looked at Ashton properly. He had flour, dried egg, a disgusting mixture of different liquids and veggies and the yellow goo all over him. He looked gross.

I began to laugh. 'Hey don't laugh at me! Look at yourself!' Ashton said laughing. I looked down to see a heap of blue dishwashing detergent and milk.

'I defiantly won.' I state.

'Yeah that yellow goo really pulled it off.' He laughs I laugh as well. There was a moment of silence. 'Have you ever been in detention before?' He asked.

'No.' I say with a sigh.

'It isn't that bad.' He said.

'How many times have you been in detention?' I ask looking into his eyes while turning a corner.

'Do you really want to know.' He says with a laugh.

'Nah I was just asking because I could.' I say sarcastically.

He laughs. 'Well I've been in that room more times then what I could count on mine and your fingers. A lot more.' He laughs again.

'So your more unless in there everyday?' I ask.

'Yep every time I'm actually at school I have a detention. Some times I wag though.' He says.

'Why didn't you wag today?' I ask.

'Oh I met someone and she's pretty cool.' He says while nudging my shoulder.

'Should I be jealous?' I ask.

'Oh very. She's already sucked my dick.' He says we both laugh as we get to the door to the front office.

'Hi what can I do for you today.' The lady says.

'Two reflection sheets please.' Ashton says as I smile.

'Oh, you two are the ones who started the food fight, aren't you?' She asks handing us a sheet and a pen.

'Now that is confidential.' Ashton says as I laugh and take a seat.

The sheet had ridiculous questions on it like, 'if you could do it again what would you change?' Like are you serious! I wouldn't change anything. I had a lot of fun.

Ashton and I finished the sheet at nearly the same time. We gave it to the lady, otherwise known as Diane, and waited for Mr. Hill.

We waited for about 5 minutes until we could hear Mr. Hill talking to a year 11.

'Now David you are going to be suspended for a week. Your mother is coming to pick you up as we speak so go and get your stuff and come back here and take a seat ok.' We heard David sigh and then he walked past us.

'Now, you two come with me' Mr. Hill says.

Ashton and I looked at each other and then we stood up and began walking behind Mr. Hill.

We walked into his office and say down at a round table.

'Now, tell me what happened.' He says looking at our reflection sheets which he must've grabbed off of Diane.

I looked to Ashton and sighed.


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