The One Who Made Me Stop

After a while, I can't see the girls anywhere so I go and find somewhere to sit.
I search for a while until I see two girls, the girls from before sound asleep on the lounge. It's a five man lounge too and they have used all the spots.
I walk up and nudge the one in the jeans a little to wake her up enough for her to talk.
'Excuse me miss, can you please move over a little?' I ask.
She groans and moves.
'What's your name?' I ask.
'Surmmerny.' She mumbles.
'What?' I ask with a giggle.
'Sammy.' She says clearer.
Sammy, that's a pretty name for a pretty girl. I thought, I didn't say it out loud though, that would've been too cheesy.

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2. Smooth

I wake up on a lounge in the backyard at the house the party was held. I look to my left and see Rose, then I turn to my right and there was this guy, he sort of looked familiar.

I search for my phone trying to not make any quick sudden movements because of the pounding head ache.

I get it out of my back pocket, 5 missed calls from Mummy, 2 texts from dad, and 1 missed call from a private number. Great mums gonna kill me...

I slowly and carefully try to get off the chair without making any noises or anything like that. Rose was leaning of me and when I moved she groaned quite loudly and it made the bloke next to me wake up.

'Morning.' He whispered.

'Morning.' I whisper back. I finish getting up and stand there awkwardly. I feel like my brain is literally is smashing against my skull, I had way to much to drink last night. 'Hey you wouldn't happen to know where any aspirin is would you?' I ask the guy.

'I do actually.' He gets up and Rose groans again and shuffles on the couch to get comfortable. 'Follow me.' He continues.

He walks inside and I follow him until we get to the kitchen. I sit on the bar stools and lean my arms on the island, my head falls into my arms. I hear the guy opening and closing cupboards.

'One or two?' He asks.

'Two, defiantly two.' I say quietly.

I could hear him getting the aspirin out of the packet and filling a cup with water from the sink. I look up and he places the water in front of me.

I put one in my mouth and get the water to swallow it.

'You look terrible.' He says honestly.

'Well thanks...' I sounded bitchy, I take the other aspirin and drink the water. 'But at least your honest.'

'I'm well known for my honesty.' He says fixing his shirt up. I giggle with the little energy I have.

'Hey what's your name?' I ask.

'I'm Michael.' I smile at him.

'I'm Sammy.'

'I know, well I think I remember you telling me last night.' He says, it looked like he may have confused himself.

'Oh sorry did we meet last night?' I say taking another sip of my water.

'Briefly, you just gave me your name and you were so close to giving me your number but you passed out.' He winked after he spoke.

'Are you asking me for my number?' I ask with a cheeky smile.

'Yeah, I am.' He smiles, he has a cute smile.

I think for a moment before speaking. 'Give me your phone.' I say. He unlocks it and passes it to me, I type my number into it and give it back. 'Chuck me a text whenever your free. Oh and thanks for the aspirin.' I say before I walk away.

'Yeah I will, and no worries.' He says, I could practically feel his smile.

He has the cutest smile I've seen in years.

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