The One Who Made Me Stop

After a while, I can't see the girls anywhere so I go and find somewhere to sit.
I search for a while until I see two girls, the girls from before sound asleep on the lounge. It's a five man lounge too and they have used all the spots.
I walk up and nudge the one in the jeans a little to wake her up enough for her to talk.
'Excuse me miss, can you please move over a little?' I ask.
She groans and moves.
'What's your name?' I ask.
'Surmmerny.' She mumbles.
'What?' I ask with a giggle.
'Sammy.' She says clearer.
Sammy, that's a pretty name for a pretty girl. I thought, I didn't say it out loud though, that would've been too cheesy.

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4. Date?

Hi guys I just wanted you guys to know that whenever you see bold writing it is a text message. Hopefully you enjoy this chapter!

Michaels P.O.V

I smile as I send her a text, I hope she replies.

I'm still at the house waiting for Calum to wake up so he can give me a lift home. There's actually a few people from the party scattered around the place. I didn't know Calum knew that many people.

I hear my phone go off and I smile, hoping it is her.

Missing me already? ;) - Sammy

My smile grows and a chuckle escapes my lips.

You know it. I was thinking maybe we should go out for lunch. You know, to get to know each other?

I cross my fingers and wait for a reply.

'Hey buddy.' A tired and hungover Calum says tapping on my shoulder. 'Who are you talking to?'

'This girl I met last night, when are you going to take me home?' I say because I don't want Calum to know that much about her just in case he takes an interest in her.

'Oi don't change the subject mate, tell me about her.' He says getting himself some aspirins and a glass of water.

'I'll tell you about her later yeah? I need a lift home.' I say, I hope he forgets.

'Yeah ok, where's your car?' He says finishing his water and looking for his keys.

'Flat tyre. I caught the bus here.' I say with a yawn. I'm actually so tired right now.

'Oh ok well you ready?' He asks throwing the keys in the air then catching them.

I nod and check my phone to see if she replied.

Yeah sure is 1 good? x

I smile again. I really need to shower, I actually stink so bad right now.

Yeah, 1's great text me your address. I'll see you soon. xx

I was nervous for this, I mean what if she doesn't like me? What if we have nothing in common?

'Come on mate, don't you want to go home?' Calum says walking out the door.

'Yeah, sorry. Hold up!' I say running out the door to the car.

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