The One Who Made Me Stop

After a while, I can't see the girls anywhere so I go and find somewhere to sit.
I search for a while until I see two girls, the girls from before sound asleep on the lounge. It's a five man lounge too and they have used all the spots.
I walk up and nudge the one in the jeans a little to wake her up enough for her to talk.
'Excuse me miss, can you please move over a little?' I ask.
She groans and moves.
'What's your name?' I ask.
'Surmmerny.' She mumbles.
'What?' I ask with a giggle.
'Sammy.' She says clearer.
Sammy, that's a pretty name for a pretty girl. I thought, I didn't say it out loud though, that would've been too cheesy.

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3. Christmas...

I get home and it's 7 in the morning, I hope mums gone to work because if she sees me like this she'll scream at me and I can't deal with that right now.

I unlock the front door and open it carefully. Once I get inside I again, carefully, close it. I take slow and steady steps until I reach the stairs. I start to speed up, it's a habit.

'Sammy? Is that you?' A tired mother speaks out from her room.

'Yeah I came home from Rachel's early, her parents started arguing.' I lie.

'Oh my... I hope they are doing ok.' She asks.

'You know her parents arguing one minute then madly in love the next.' I say continuing to go up the stairs.

'Yeah I guess you're right. I'm going back to bed wake me up at 7.' She says.

'It is 7.' I answer walking into my room, closing the door and locking it behind me. I take my shoes off, I get out of my jeans and into some hippy pants. I change my shirt to a baggy old Nirvana one.

I hear my mum getting out of bed and stumbling around her room. I bet she's hungover...

I get on my bed and under the covers, I begin to go to bed myself. I'm a person that doesn't sleep a lot at night but sleeps till 4 in the afternoon unless I really have to be awake. Like if it's Christmas or something.

Speaking of Christmas, I hate it. My friends call me The Grinch around this time of year because whenever I walk in the shops and there's some corny Christmas carol about Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, or any Christmas carol to be honest, I change into a person walking full of hate. I get so pissed off and snap at anyone. Most people think I'm crazy for not liking Christmas but I have some good reasons why.

1. My family.

My family don't get along at all. My mum and dad split up and they haven't been together for as long as I remember. My mums side of the family don't talk and they pretend to like each other for the kids, which is me, my cousins and my nephew. I can see right through their act though, they're shit actors... And my dads side don't even know me. They are all one big happy family when they are together but when I come along it's like they try and be nice to me and they just fail. They all end up ignoring me and I'm sitting on my own while everyone else is under the Christmas tree. So I don't really have a proper family to live and be loved by on Christmas.

2. Presents

They don't get to know me throughout the year then complain that I always change so they get me the exact same thing every year... Nail polish and soap... I never get anything else apart from them and I try and tell them, 'you should get me the sws CD or ptv, or get me some 5sos posters or bmth... But no. I know I sound really selfish buy saying that but I do try and tell them but they chose not to listen.

3. Christmas lunches

I have to make it to my Nan's house by 11 o'clock then make it to my grandmas by 12:30. My grandma, my dads mum, used to do dinners then she got too old then decided to make everything hard on my Nan, my mums mum, by doing a lunch too.

I think that's about it. Those are my reasons I hate this time of year. It's just too hard and I've been doing this since I can remember. I would rather sleep to be honest.

'Ok Sammy,' my mum says outside my door. 'I'm going to work now, I don't think I'll be home for dinner so I'll leave a 20 on the counter maybe you could order some pizza?'

'Yeah sure love you bye.' I mumble loud enough so she could hear.

'Love you too.' I hear her walk down the stairs, open the front door, close it, lock it, then the car engine disappearing and she got further away.

'I won't have to deal with Josh today!' I mentally shouted in excitement.

After a few moment of silence I start to drift to sleep, until I heard my phone go off. It's in the pocket of my jeans.

I get up and got it out. I jumped back into bed and checked to see who it was. The number wasn't saved in my phone so I unlock it.


Hey it's Michael, that guy from the party. :)

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