We're Perfect!

As Mia moves to Australia and straight into a new school, What will happen when she becomes head cheerleader and she has to stick up with bitchy girls and uptight jocks.


3. Three

Mia's p.o.v

When I go too maths I was like 20 minuites late! Which meant a detention well sorry if I just moved here. Sorry if I don't know my way around! First day, First detention... Bitch serious. I was assigned a seat next to a dark haired boy he was called Calum, He was decent abit of a flirt always going on about how he's in the football team and how they have lost no games, That's hard to belive but he invited me to watch them practise at lunch maybe this dude can help me score a place on the cheerleading team. When maths ended I stood up from my seat and picked up me bag heading out of the classroom "Hey Mia!" I turned around to see Ashton with two lads one with green hair (how did he get away with that?) and a blonde boy who was kinda hot! Ashton called me over so I shyly walk over there, "How was your first class?" He smiled. "Shit boring, But I'm glad I landed a seat at the back the front row were constantly wiping spit from there faces.." He chuckled "Well this is Michael and Luke." He said pointing at each boy. "Hey" I nodded. "Hey" they said together. "Well Im off to find some friends I'll talk too you later..." I said awkwardly walking off. On the way to the changing rooms for PE I bumped into a girl with long brown hair, She was so skinny and pretty... "Watch where your going fat ass!" She said. Pretty face. Ugly mouth. I sighed to myself and got changed for PE.. I had gymnastics which was where they picked who was good for the cheerleading team, I am super flexible but i don't know what quality and type of girl they are looking for! I might not make the cut, Also I don't want to make a fool of myself that girl from before if in this class... She's a bitch by first impression. 

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