The boy from my childhood

The line went dead. I knew he wouldn't remember me, but secretly I was hoping he did. I remember him. I remember every detail about him. Like how he has cute dimples when he smiled and that his favorite food was pineapple. I remember crossing my fingers behind my back when we made the promise when we were six about us getting married because I use to have the biggest crush on ashton!!!! I stood outside looking at the view off my balcony thinking of all our childhood memories that I guess had been forgotten by the new ashton Irwin


2. goodbye Australia

Chp 2: goodbye Australia

*sarahs pov*

I remember that day as if it were yesterday. I remember getting into my mums used old mini van she had bought because she thought it made her look more like an American mum and waving goodbye to the life I would never see again and to my best friend who would come visit me every summer he said. I wanted to believe ashton but I couldn't. All I thought about was him forgetting all about me and never talking to me again. I was right.

*9 years later*

I find Alyssa's house extremely boring but I knew I couldn't just not show up. Alyssa was my best friend but we were total opposites. She was tall and pretty and colorful, plus the smartest and most popular girl in high school. Then there is me who wears mostly black vans/converse, skinny jeans and band Ts. I was not smart and fairly short. But Alyssa insisted on helping me study.

So here we are listening to pandora while studying for Spanish. This new song comes on that I had never heard before but Alyssa begs me to turn it up and then started telling me about the band who sings this song , '5 seconds of summer'. They did have a catchy song and soon after the song "amnesia"was over I soon began to google the band.

I dropped my phone and busted it on the floor. I didn't care cos in that moment I almost pissed my pants when I found a now very handsome boy with the same curly hair as he had when we were kids playing the drums in a music video. Alyssa looked at me with a worried look on her face and asked if I was ok. I nodded slowly in response but honestly I had no clue if I was ok or not. What the hell just happened? Is all I could think as I drove home later that day.

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