The Country of Deserts

[romance, fantasy, Cell Phone Novel] Junah used to be a mighty country; however, it is known as the Country of Deserts now. Although it isn't quite true, the process of desertification broke its lapsed might, making people suffer from drouth. The king of Junah has the only way to save his people... that is to marry one of the princesses of Flowerland, who are known to have the power of one of the elements.
PS cover made by @[Eat, Sleep, Write]


133. Ayvali IX

"Your majesty, you should take a rest,"

Oenothera blurted out.

Before Mansur could flare up,

she added, though only pouring oil on the flames,

«Sitting here without a sleep

won't do any good either to you, your majesty,

or the people. They have the right

to receive considered answers to their petitions–»


He slapped the table,

making everyone in the room jump up in surprise.

"Are you hinting I don't give considered answers?"


"No, that's not what I meant–"


"Go away!"




"I said 'leave'! "

he closed his eyes, trying to compose himself,

"I get your point and will go to rest.



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