Keep Your Promises

The author of This novel is Sabitha Kiritharan. This story was written by me only. The story is a made up story written by Sabitha Kiritharan. I am the only one who has permission to use this story. Cover by NathanielStanley When Scarlett finds a secret. Her whole life turns upside down.


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two


I was still in confusion, how was I going to find Darcy. I mean I was only a girl. My only problems in life had been things a normal person would have; such as a cheating ex, dead parents, now a sister with a life threatening disease. These were hard problems yes, but problems which could happen to anyone. But this; finding out who kidnapped my niece. That was hard problem, something not everybody could do. I was no detective, no police; I had no power to find the criminal. I wasn’t brave, strong or courageous, or someone who was able to give her life for justice. But, without me, who was going to find Darcy. I thought about the police, but they were said hotshots, but really they would be able to do nothing. They especially wouldn’t do anything; if the person who had kidnapped Darcy was a powerful and strong person, and that was what I thought would happen. I had to solve this crime all by myself. I would have to face all my fears, no more running away from them. I run downstairs, and grab my school bag. School, now I would have to go to school instead of trying to find the culprit. But, I knew I couldn’t just stop going to school, because then I would be told to go, and then the police and government would peer themselves into my life, trying to find the problem, and what was going on. I look around at my house; it was so quiet without Emma. My sister Emma was still in the hospital, the doctors had told me that Emma would at least have to remain there for a month, while they would try there best to decrease the tumour. But, I knew if Emma didn’t fight, and then there would be no battle to fight for. But, Emma had made a promise to me, which is that she will fight, and I had made a promise to her to find Darcy, and that was true. I was going to find Darcy. I had to. I took out the photograph of Darcy, that Emma had gave me it was a picture of the most beautiful little girl Darcy; with chocolate brown hair in waves that were past to her shoulders, and beautiful green eyes. I tuck the photograph into my pocket. I will find you Darcy, just be safe Darcy, auntie Scarlett is coming. I turned the keep in, and open the door, to be welcomed by a breeze of cold wind. The wind blows ferociously, causing my long black hair to fly everywhere; I didn’t want everyone to think I was a mad woman. I tuck a strand of my black hair behind my ear, before beginning my fifteen minute walk to school. Sunlight floods through my eye lids, as the familiar music of birds tweeting fill my ear. I look around, into the busy crowd. I notice busy business men and women, rushing out of the train station. Parents with babies, pushing the strollers, as their babies wail loudly, teenagers just like me, glued to there headphones, as they sway their heads side to side. I watch a man ahead of me, he looks like he is old enough to be my granddad, and he walks slowly, his eyes see me, and he scowls a look which old people normally give to teenagers, he is clasping onto a long dog collar, which was the only thing the dog and him together. His dog was a massive Rottweiler, his teeth a gnarly yellow, a shade of brown and black were the colour he was, his eyes were beady like a crow, and they stare at me, like they want to eat me alive. I have had many bad experiences with dog; I remember when I was seven.

I was sitting with my family; we were having a family picnic, just like we had ever Sunday. Father, was asking Emma how was her day, and school life, while Mother looks at me kindly, she asks me if I want another cheese sandwich, which I could not eat, due to my tummy aching with the amount of food I had eat.

“No, thanks mummy. I want to go, and play on the swings.” I tell mummy.

“Be careful, maybe if you wait for a couple of minutes, and then I could also come with you.” mummy tells me.

“I’ll be fine mummy, and I want to play now.” I tell mummy, pouting my lips.

“Fine, be careful. Remember no talking to anybody you don’t know, don’t take any food that nobody gives you, and remember.” Mother begins to say.

“Strangers are bad, do not talk to them. I know. Bye.” I complete mother’s sentence, before running off.

I run as fast as my little legs can take me, before a massive dog appears in front of me.

“Hey doggy! Where’s your owner?” I ask the doggy, patting it lightly on his head.

The dog comes near me, scowling with anger, and bares its massive teeth at me.

“Nice doggy.” I cry, taking a step back.

The dog chases me, and I run fear trembling in me. The dog is faster than I am, and approaches me quickly. The dog lunges towards me, and I turn and scream. The dog shoves its massive face in front of it, and bites my hand, as I try and protect my face. I scream in anger and pain as tears trickle down my face.

“Mummy, daddy. Help!” I cry.


From that day on, I have been terrified of dogs and cats. I quickly, walk past the dog, wanting to get as far as I possibly can from the dog. I walk hurriedly, getting on a rush to get to school. I notice a boy walking right in front of a van. I scream in terror, before I notice the boy stand up and walk forwards. He doesn’t look like a normal boy, and I see an eerie glow coming from him. I stifle a scream, as I notice nobody else notice him, they just look at me. A woman walks up to me, she is middle aged and has a handbag, I notice, she stands away from me, like she thinks I am going to steal her handbag. Adults these days, think all teenagers are the same, just because of a selected few.

“Are you okay?” the woman ask me cautiously.

“The boy, he got hit by a car, and then he walked off.” I stay, stumbling with my words, as goose bumps trembled on my arm, and the hairs on my neck stand out.

“Which boy, there is no boy. You must be delusional, there is no boy. I think you must be going crazy.” The woman tells me, like she knows me.

“I am not crazy. Their was a boy.” I tell her.

“Right. Now, why aren’t you in school?” the woman asks me.

“School!” I exclaim, before running off in a rush, not wanting to get late.

Luckily, I get there in 10 minutes time, and I see the gnarly gates welcome me, the buildings smart and clean. Richardson Academy, my school for so long. I push past the gates, not wanting to be late. I had Geography, a lesson which I hated so much. I walked in, and then felt really sick. For me, school had become redundant. I barely did anything in my classes except avoid the teachers' killer gazes that were thrown at me when I didn't do the activity. I stood and was about to walk out of Geography when the teacher, Mr Dortly’s stepped in front of me, blocking my path with his small figure.
"Where do you think you are going, Ms Scarlett!" He stares into my deep brown eyes with his burning brown ones.
"Anywhere that isn't here ..." I shrugged.
I bet he felt like an elf, standing up against my tall form. Most people did. He had massive dork glasses, which rest on his nose, and uneven teeth, which badly needed braces.
"Sit back down!" He ordered.
"No," I shook my head.
"Right now! Sit down Scarlett!" He shouted, his fat lips pressing into a thin line as he started shaking. He probably has never been disobeyed before, he was a teacher who would look he had power, but he didn’t, he couldn’t keep anybody in control, and only the few smart kids, actually listened to his work, and took notes. The rest of the class; chews gum, talks loudly, gossips, files their nails, have their headphones in, and listen to music.
I sighed but then, after a second, said, "Nope," I popped the 'p', "See you later Mr. Dorky."

I laughed as Mr Dortly’s face turned red with anger at his new nickname I gave him. I ducked to the side and slid out the open classroom door, looking back at Mr Dortly’s shaking figure as I did, just for the satisfaction. It wasn’t that I was a rebel or anything, it was just that I felt so sick, wanting to look for Darcy, and all the other problems in my life. I walked up and down, for an hour, wondering ways on how to rescue Darcy. Maybe she was dead? No, that couldn’t be. How was I going to find her? I was only a normal girl. The bell rung loudly, interrupting me of my thoughts, before a rush of students hurriedly ran out of their classrooms, going to there next lesson. Might as well go to the next lesson English, didn’t want the school to think I was not in, and anyway English was fun, our teacher was Ms.Murray. She was a young teacher, in her early twenties; she was pretty, with glossy blonde hair, which she tied in a pony tail, but allowing few strands to slip, and bright blue eyes. She smiles at me, when she sees me, and welcomes me into the lesson. I walk in, feeling everyone else daggering stares piercing into me. I already hear, about what happened in geography going around the class, our school was like gossip heaven, gossip spread everywhere like a deadly disease.


 I smile kindly at our teacher, Ms.Murray was a nice teacher, who didn’t pressure us into doing anything, and gave us all the freedom and space we needed. She understood that sometimes everyone has the bad days and would allow us some piece and quiet. She wore a nice black cardigan, and a dress with flowers, she smiles at me and beckons me to join the class. I take my seat, and take out my lesson book out. English was a fun lesson, it was really enjoyable and interesting, and Ms.Murray made it more interesting, and fun to learn. I watched as our principal Mr. Egg walk in, with a boy my age.

“This is the new boy, his name is Damon Black, and he’ll be in your class. Damon, this is Ms.Murray, your English teacher.” Mr. Egg says, before walking off in a huff.

“Hi, Damon. I am your English teacher. Class, this is Damon. Damon, why don’t you take a seat next to Scarlett, who can be your buddy, who will show you around the school for a week? Scarlett put your hand up, so Damon will know who you are.

I put my hand up embarrassed, and watch Damon look at me, and smile. He walks casually, and in a bad way, he walks leaning to a side, like he wants to look like he is cool, but looks like there is something wrong with him. I giggle quietly.



“Why, are you laughing?” Damon asks, taking the seat beside me.

“Why, is it wrong to laugh, and it was because you were walking with a swag, like in a way the boys who want to look  cool walk, and it made me think you look like some guy who has something wrong with him.” I laugh.

“That is just the way, cool people walk.” Damon states, and then starts looking at me like I am stupid or something.

“Yeah, definitely. Cool people walk like that.” I say, stifling a laugh.

“I know you’re being sarcastic, and people do walk like that.” Damon says, twirling with his hair.

“Right. People, who think they are so cool, but they are totally not.” I mumble.

“So, what? Do you think I am not cool?” Damon says, looking offended.

“No, I didn’t say that, I just said that most people, who walk like that, think they are cool, but are not. I didn’t say it was you, or something.” I answer.

“Well, I am not most people.” Damon mumbles.

“Right.” I reply.

“What does that mean then?” Damon growls like a bear, cocking his head to the side.

I took a good look at Damon; he was quite handsome, if I had to say myself, he has shiny black hair and gorgeous green eyes, with nice straight teeth, a pair of conversers sat on his leg, and I could see his blue phone peeping from his pockets, in his designer jeans. He caught me looking, and stares at me coldly.

“Were you checking me out?” he dares to ask me.

“Me, checking you out. Well, that is not the same thing, I would say if I was those girls.” I told Damon, smiling.


I caught girls checking him out; I saw our school slut Ashley, giggle in a high pitch flirty way, and then toss her blonde hair back, wanting Damon to take a look at her, I almost laugh at her, when I notice he doesn’t even take a look at her blonde form. This was quite surprising; normally guys would stare at Ashley, like she was the queen, and not pay me any attention. Normally, girls who were quite, but pretty, and kept to themselves, and were quite quiet didn’t really get the guys to look at them. But, to me that was fine, I mean I already have too many problems in my life; with Darcy, my sister, me ex boyfriend Taylor, who was just horrible, and so possessive towards me, he would keep me cooped up like a hen, away from the world. Until the day I had decided, that I had to stop, he had cried so much when I left him, and begged me to take him back, but I had told him, we could be friends, and that maybe in the future, and that all depends. But comparing Taylor to my sister ex boyfriend Ryan was so different. At least Taylor was just possessive over me, but I knew that Taylor had only done that because he loved me a lot, love can change people differently, many people show love differently; Taylor showed his way by being just a bit over possessive, but on the inside, he really was a nice guy.


Ashley was the girls that everybody wanted to be; girls wanted to be as beautiful and confident as she was, and boys wanted to date her, and show her off like a prize candy. But, I could never want to be Ashley; she may seem cold, and beautiful; but I knew she wasn’t always like this. I remember when we used to be friends; it was in primary school, when her parents had broke up, and her older brother had been stabbed, that had really made an impact on Ashley. Ashley used to be bubbly, sweet, kind, friendly, loving, but now she was beautiful, but in a cold way, her heart was as cold as a stone, and she was cold, and brittle, and confident, also she was very powerful. Ashley was rich, she was a spoilt bitch, and the school’s slut and she had been with so many guys, that the list could go on. If you thought Taylor Swift love history was wrong, you would be surprised to see Ashley love history. Well for Taylor; you can always say she just falls in love with the wrong guy, with Ashley; it was a whole different thing. She would never hang with a guy for long; mostly it was a week or too, her current boyfriend was Max who was a quarterback and a tall guy with blonde hair, and blue eyes, he was strong, and I bet Ashley only went out with him, because he was popular, and kind of cute. In a couple of days; Ashley and Max, would be history, and then it would be whoever was next on her list. Ashley had curves, and styles, which really did fit her petite form, she wore a pale blue cardigan, and a black tank top, which shows off her flat tummy, and a short skirt, which you could practically see her underwear’s in. The clothes which Ashley wore should be banned, nobody should be allowed to wear a skirt so short, and a shirt that short. I mean someone could think she was a prostitute. The school couldn’t do much over it, since Ashley mother was a model, and paid the school a hefty amount, to allowing Ashley in. That was probably the only thing that would allow Ashley to still be in school. Ashley caused arguments, and smokes in school. Someone who ate that much as she did should not remain that skinny, but skinny was how Ashley was, and always had been. Not like me, who was already plump, and wanted to lose weight, but only ended up gaining more weight. Diets and exercise really did not work for me.


“She’s pretty, I guess.” Damon says, glancing at Ashley for a second, I saw Ashley giving him a devil smile, while she licks her lips, before pouting it at Damon, who then looks at her in a confused way, and just smile at her, before turning back to look at me.


I could feel Ashley giving me piercing stares, and girls staring at me coldly with jealousy, if looks could kill, and then Ashley’s would. She was a girl who didn’t want anybody stealing her guys; which were a very difficult thing indeed, knowing that half the boys in our school were apparently guys, well all the apparently handsome looking guys, or the really popular guys, which Ashley would only go on a few dates, before breaking up with them. I bet Ashley only went out with them to show that she could go out with any boy she wanted, and she just wants to flaunt her perfection beauty, her words not mine. She was a female player; boys were not safe from her, once she has decided who she wants, and then she will get him, one way or the other. Ashley would fight, with her evil twisted mind, and she would not fight fair. No guy was safe from her, and I could bet she know wanted her clutches onto Damon. Just, because he was extremely good looking, and nice, which it wasn’t really his fault. I felt so sorry for all the guys Ashley had gone out with; they truly loved her, well some of them anyway, and they all treated her like a princess, which she wasn’t, she was a spoilt cow, who deserves a slap in the face. Just because everybody thinks she’s perfect, and so amazing, everybody likes her. It really didn’t help knowing the few people who rejected her, and didn’t think of her as a beautiful princess, was treated low, like a low person, which wasn’t fair for them, just because they didn’t follow Ashley, and think of her as this highly person which she wasn’t. I remember this one boy his name was Mark Andrew; he was a typical guy whom Ashley would date with lovely red hair, and hypnotising powerful green eyes which could grab a person in, and would make everyone like him. He was kind, gentle, caring and a lovely guy which everybody likes, even me. He wasn’t like the normal guys Ashley dates; the rich, spoilt, strong, handsome but horrible guys. Mark was different, he and Ashley lasted for a long six months, which was extremely long for Ashley, and the longest Ashley has ever dated anyone.


So, Mark was heads over heels in love with her, a stupid thing, and he proposed to her. Poor Mark, Ashley broke his heart, and told him that she never loved him, and never would, and only pretended to love him for his looks and personality. This broke poor Mark’s heart, which had truly fallen in love with Ashley.  Poor guy, his heart was truly broken and he was in terrible pain, he must have felt like someone had stabbed him. He had truly imagined him and Ashley getting married, having kids, and the rest. This was something which would never happen. Mark got depressed, and went crazy, he went crazy for Ashley love, and verged to do everything for her. A few days later, Ashley went out with a guy called Nick, and they were on a date one summer’s night, when Mark appeared; told Nick that Ashley was his girl, and how dare he go on a date with his love. A massive fight occurred, which caused Mark to stab Nick. Nick died that night, and Mark was arrested for man slaughter. Ashley, she didn’t mind much, she pretended she loved Nick for a few days, looking like the lost grieving girlfriend, which caused her to be even more popular. Popularity, and looking good, that was all Ashley cared about. She made everyone like her even more, and then she just laughed it off, saying it was the power of her beauty, and her charming nature which had caused Mark this craziness. Mark was locked up in a prison, grieving over Ashley, going crazy over her. While Ashley didn’t care, and was getting on with her life, with more guys. Poor Mark, Ashley has really changed him. I feel so sorry for him, pity goes for him. All because of Ashley, and her quirky but evil personality. That was why I didn’t want Damon to succumb to Ashley demonic personality, she was like medusa, which causes people to look at her, but at the end, she turns you into stone, and treats you like one too. It was not worth it, I haven’t known Damon for long, a couple of minutes, but I didn’t want him to just become one of Ashley exes, you could never know Damon could turn out to be just like Mark, whatever happened to him was sorrowful and painful. I couldn’t let this happened to somebody else as well, I couldn’t let Ashley trick him with her cruel and twisted love, and then break him also, and tear him up into a million pieces.


“Pretty. Most of the school think she is gorgeous, and wants to date her or be her.” I scoff at Damon, clearly thinking if this guy was serious, was he really not blinded by Ashley amazing beauty, which she would say.

This was interesting, and cool. Was, there finally a guy who wouldn’t fall for Ashley? Maybe, this guy would actually be a nice guy, and that was if Ashley didn’t get to him first.

“But, not you, you’re different. You’re beautiful, what about you. You are clearly a lot more beautiful, and kinder, and gentler than Ashley who is clearly a whore. You’re different, you’re special. You’re proud to be yourself, and don’t care if people judge you, you’re like a beautiful butterfly, independent and strong. I like that about you, you are a lot more beautiful, and nicer than Ashley, and you’re not a slut, but a kind, free willed pretty girl. That makes you special, and unique, as you don’t follow the crowd.” Damon said in my ear, causing me to laugh surprising myself, a guy normally didn’t make me laugh, well except my gay best friend Trey, but he was different, and my best friend.


Damon was somebody I knew for a couple of minutes, but already had made me feel special, and happy. Normally, guys would not pay me any attention, especially if beautiful and elegant girls like Ashley were around. I was just the sweet, gentle, friendly little girl, or classed as a nobody, or not worth talking to, well that was what Ashley had said about me. But then again, Ashley was no person to judge me; she was a plastic Barbie doll, all pretty and glamorous on the outside, but evil and cruel on the inside. She was just somebody, people tosses around. She couldn’t even be herself, without feeling the urge to be somebody else, somebody she is not. She was too afraid of people knowing the real girl inside, she was just a little girl lost and afraid of the world finding out, and just the kind of a girl she really is. I felt so sorry for Ashley; at least I could be myself, even if people didn’t like me, I did not judge or care. I was happy to be myself, it was better to be yourself even if not everybody likes you, but feel happy inside, then everybody liking a fake version of yourself, but always feeling sad and depressed on the inside.




I blush, trying to hide my blush. Nobody else had ever made me blush. It was frightening and scary at the same time, knowing that somebody could give me this strange feeling inside, a feeling which I did like, knowing that somebody could make me this bubbly inside, but also terrifying knowing that love would always end in heartbreaks and pain, and trouble. It would also make me vulnerable, a feeling which I detested, and didn’t want to be, also doubts would always fill your mind; such as if you’re making the right decisions, or if you really do love him, or if he is cheating with you, or if he will just be like all the others, and leave you broken and in pain.


“Independent and unique, well okay. If you count, being so unique that people tend to get annoyed with you, and start hating you, and beautiful. As if, I am hardly beautiful, I mean its girls like Ashley who are; skinny, beautiful, slender, glamorous, and bitchy, girls you find in a typical magazine, which boys tend to fall for. Not girls like me, who are; not pretty, large, cheap, girls who are normal girls, not magazine beauty. I am not beautiful, and you don’t lie to me, trust me I know, and if being nice, kind, sweet, gentle means guys not even giving you any looks, I mean I am practically invisible to so many people, and I mean many, unless there are evil looks from people who practically want to drown me, so what I don’t get is why someone as good looking, and as Ashley would say sexy would look at someone like me. I am confused.” I tell Damon, biting my nails.

“Three things you must know before you get to know me, and say anything else.” Damon begins to say, smiling at me radiantly.

“Ok tell me, I am waiting.” I reply, tapping my hand on the table, wanting to hear what he will say.

“Number one you are beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, number two don’t compare yourself to anybody else, be yourself, that is all it counts, number three I am not like other guys, I’m the one and only Damon.” Damon continues, flashing me a wink, and then a smile.

“The one and only, there are many Damon; Damon Riddles our history teacher, Damon Fox in our year group, he is a ginger boy with glasses, and yes he may appear to be a nerd, but he is really smart, and friendly.” I tell Damon.

“Oh, so there are many Damon’s well I am a unique, and special Damon, and I think I am definitely not the ginger boy, as my hair is not ginger, its black as you can see, and I don’t think I am as old, and grey as this history teacher, sounds to be.” Damon laughs, showing off his pearly white teeth.

“Ok, you are not ginger, that is clear, and Mr. Damon Riddles, is not grey or old, he actual is quite young, I mean he is in his early twenties, twenty four at tops, and is actually quite handsome, some girls say, he has brown hair, and brown eyes, and if Ashley hears you saying that, she will totally kill you.” I warn Damon.

“Why is that?” Damon asks me, stepping closer towards me, inching his face towards me.

“It’s because Ashley has a thing for him, and said that apparently they are going to get married, and live happily together. Fat chance, I would say, since Mr. Riddles is engaged to his fiancée Liza, and apparently they are going to get married in a few months, not that it will stop Ashley, who will stop at absolutely nothing to get the man she wants, and I actually mean that too, and I mean I wouldn’t be surprised, if she somehow got to the wedding, and ripped Liza dress off, and wore it herself.” I tell Damon, trying to stifle a laugh.

“So, does Ashley really get every guy she wants, because there are loads of guys in this school?” Damon questions at me.

“Yeah, and looking at Ashley now, I would say she has her target on you, and I mean she is actually staring at you, and will do nothing to get her evil clutches on you, and I mean do nothing.” I tell Damon.

“That is bad, what can I do?” Damon questions at me.

“Either agrees to whatever she says, and dates her, and then become one of the guys on Ashley’s exes list, which is pretty long, or somehow be strong and brave, and escapes her clutches by dating someone else, or not paying her any attention, she will get bored, sooner or later.” I tell Damon, smiling kindly at him.

“Hopefully sooner than later, I hope, and I think I am strong and brave enough to escape her clutches. I don’t want to be just another boy on some girls list.” Damon tells me, winking at me.

“Well, that is a good start. I am sure if you try hard, and do your best, and then you will be able to escape away from her clutches. I wish you the best of luck! And I hope you succeed, because it will be very difficult.” I tell Damon, offering him a challenge.

“Is that a challenge you ask me?” Damon questions.

“I guess it is, and guess who is coming our way now.” I say, and watching as Ashley petite form, walk towards us slowly, and waggling her hips like a hippo on the way.


Ashley walks gracefully towards us, like a ballerina, and smiles massively, she places one hand on her slender hips, and the other over Damon’s back, she bats her massive blue eyes towards Damon, flirting with him like mad. I guess Damon was the next guy on Ashley’s list. Poor Damon, I felt so sorry for him, he looked like a poor deer being hunted by a lion, as he looks at me startled, help me he mouths. I shake my head, knowing there was probably nothing I could do.


“Hi! I’m Ashley, and you must be Damon.” Ashley says in a flirty tone, shoving her chest out, and saying it seductively.

“Yes, I am Damon.” Damon says.

“Well, I must say you are looking very handsome, and I’m single.” Ashley says laughing.

“So what?” Damon asks, staring at Ashley.

“Well, if the girl next to you hasn’t told you, I am Ashley, the most beautiful and popular girl in school.” Ashley giggles.

“Actually the girl next to me is Scarlett, and yes she has told me about you, and you’re not the most beautiful girl, so don’t be vain, now if there isn’t a problem, I would really appreciate it, if you would go away.” Damon says.

“Oh a feisty one, I like it. Bye Damon, and don’t think you can get away from me that easily.” Ashley answers.

“Well, I think I can Ashley.” Damon states.

“You don’t know me. I get whatever I want.” Ashley says, pouting her lips, and shaking her hips naughtily.

“Oh, so you are a spoilt, little cow then, who daddy always get whatever they want then.” Damon says.

“Well, I am spoilt, but I am now a cow, maybe the girl next to you is. But I am not.” Ashley laughs.

“The girl next to me is Scarlett, and now she is not a cow, you are.” Damon says.

“Yeah, I am not a cow Ashley.” I agree with Damon.

“Oh, so the girl does talk.” Ashley says surprisingly, her mouth wide open in surprise.

“Yes I do talk Ashley, and the girl is called Scarlett.” I say, stating the fact obviously.

“Oh Scarlett, that is a nice name, to an ugly girl.” Ashley tells me.

“Scarlett is not ugly, she is beautiful, and I would really be happy, if you could leave us alone, and go back to where you come from.” Damon says.

“Oh, but I don’t listen to anybody. I am Ashley’ the glamorous, the beautiful, and the enchanting.” Ashley declares.

“Well, I don’t really care, if you are beautiful, or said glamorous or enchanting.” Damon says.

“You’re different, a mystery. I like it.” Ashley giggles, happily, licking her lips, like she just saw a man candy, and leans towards Damon happily.

“And well you are a nuisance, and I don’t like it.” Damon says, leaning away from Ashley.

“I like how you fight back, I like guys who are mysterious and different, it makes my heart beat faster, and it makes me want to seduce them.” Ashley mumbles, in Damon ear, nibbling on her earlobe.

Damon leans away from Ashley, and stares at her with cold hatred, and anger.

“Is their something seriously wrong with you, I mean you are so annoying, and so attaching, and I hate that.” Damon mumbles.

“Damon. I like you. I want you, and I Ashley gets whatever she wants, so I will get you my beloved Damon.” Ashley says.

“Well, I am not like the rest of your exes, and don’t find you hardly attractive, and even less now, more like a bothersome fly, who needs to be destroyed. So go away!” Damon tells Ashley.

“I like you. Maybe I will keep you. Maybe, I have finally found my match, my twin. This makes me want to have you more.” Ashley giggles.

“Go away Ashley, before I have to hurt you.” Damon says, crunching his fists, looking very serious and tough.

“Oh, you want to hurt me tough guy, well I will make you soft, and yummy. Bye, bye handsome.” Ashley says, pecking Damon cheek.

Damon gasps, and shoves Ashley away, wiping her lip gloss stains, with the back of his hand.

“Well bye slut.” Damon tells Ashley, as Ashley shoots daggers at me, and then walks back towards her seat.

“You showed her.” I tell Damon,

“Well, maybe I am different than the other guys, thanks for warning me Scarlett.” Damon tells me, winking at me in an enchanting and mischievous way.

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