Damnit Hemmings

Luke smashed his lips on mine. i knew i shouldn't, but i also felt like i had to. i kissed him back.


5. 5


we got out of Cal's car. i've been wanting to leave my parents for like three months. but sometimes, when my dad comes home drunk. he. well he likes to.... hit me. he's not super abusive or anything he only does it like once a week. my mom is too scared to say anything, or talk at all. something is truly wrong with her but i don't think we can afford the doctors.

i went in my front door with my fingers intertwined with Calum's. we went up to my room and i found an Vera Bradley duffle bag and i started to pack my favorite belongings.

i heard my front door slam open, then slam shut again. "shit. Calum that's my dad. i think he's drunk again" this will not go down well. i finished packing my things quickly then ran back down the stairs and tried to go out the door unseen.

"hey! where do u think you're going, eh?" my dad let out right before i could get to the door.

"well i... i um- i'm go-gonna stay the night over at um Jenna's and... and Cal was just uh giving me a ride" i tried to explain. my dad could tell i was lying.

"lies! your" he burped "your tryna leave me, ain't you?" he pointed a dirty finger two inches in front of my face.

"n-no. no!" i stuttered.

"DAMNIT" my dad yelled and threw a vase on the floor. "you will not leave this household!! you're mine!" he screamed and hit me across the face, hard. i fell to the floor. i thought it would be better if i just stayed down.

"Dont fucking touch her!" Calum yelled and held my dad up against a wall. my dad pushed him off and hit me in the head again. i started to see black. the last thing i could see was Calum stratling my dad on the floor, hitting him over and over before i totally blacked out....


no. no no no no no!!

i got off of Mr Cameron and lifted Aug up.

"Auggy! Baby! please wake up! please!" my eyes began to water.

Mr Cameron got off the floor and started to cry. he ran his fingers through his hair.

"No. no what have i done! why'd you let me do this!!" he screamed to me, his face massively bloody from my beating i gave him.

"Im not fucking responsible for you! your going to fucking prison for this!" i screamed back. i picked up Aug's motionless body and her bag. i set her in my car, gave her dad one last punch in the nose, and left for the hospital. i had bruises all over my biceps where her dad squeezed to try and get me off him. but i wasnt important right now. i looked over at August.

"We're almost there baby" i said quietly.


(this is a bit of a switch up)


I am Ally Sergant. i am a nurse at this hospital. well i'm more of a receptionist, but i'm working my way up to becoming a full on registered nurse.

it was a pretty busy night in the Emergency Room. many patients with broken limbs or weird rashes. some people shouldn't even be here, but by law we have to check them out.

all of a sudden, a boy, around 18 maybe, ran in carrying a girl around the same age bridal style in his arms.

"help. please. help." he said in between heavy breaths. the girl appeared to be passed out or something.

"okay. okay! sir, please just breath and tell us the situation" i said to him.

"she. dad. hit. face. passed. out" he tried to slow his breathing. he must've run a long way to get here.

"young man, please. we really need you to just calm down and breath. here lay her down on this gurney." Dr. John said.

"okay. she wanted to get out of her house because she had bad parents and i was helping her move out but then her dad came home drunk and he slapped her and then punched her really hard in the temple and she fainted." he spoke very fast. he had bruises along his arms.

" i'm sure it's nothing too severe, she may just be suffering a concussion. here, our doctors will take her in for examination and i'll get your arms checked out. sound good?" i said to him. he nodded slightly but then started to cry silently. i took him into a room.

"she your girlfriend?" i asked him quietly. he nodded and breathed in shakily.

"okay. don't start crying on me. she'll be fine, don't worry." i started to bandage up his cuts that looked like someones finger nails were the cause of.

"you wanna tell me yours and her name?" i said. i was gonna have to write some of this down.

"i'm Calum. and she's Aug. i mean August" he said quietly.

"you both have very nice names. do you have a last name?" i was trying to be as sweet as possible. he was just a boy really.

"oh right. i'm Calum Hood and she's August Cameron."

"Cool.... done. okay. your arms are all set and i believe that the doctors are almost all set with Aug. don't worry. she'll be okay" i said with a little smile.

"thanks" he said and smiled back.


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