Damnit Hemmings

Luke smashed his lips on mine. i knew i shouldn't, but i also felt like i had to. i kissed him back.


20. 17

Luke's p.o.v.

I woke up in August's room all alone at around twelve thirty in the afternoon. Why didn't she wake me up? Shirtless and in boxers, I climbed off of her warm bed and threw on my black muscle tank and my white and blue plaid pajama bottoms. I wandered down the steep stair case in hopes that Aug would be down in the kitchen, but there was no sign of her. "Aug?" I yelled down the basement door. Nope.

"Auggy?" I called throughout the house. No answer. Eh, she's probably on a walk. She's been taking a lot lately. I decided to give her phone a ring just to check in. Strait to voicemail.... Hi you've reached August. I can't get to the phone right now so uh.. leave your name and number and I'll get back to you. Thanks! *Beep* Her innocent voice said.

"Hey Aug, it's me. Just wanted to say good morning... Call me when you get this. Thanks, bye." I left a short but sweet message and hung up. I shouldn't be, but I'm a little worried about her. She always answers my calls. Whatever. She's fine I'm sure.


or is she???? lol like and favorite and a new update will come soon. Thanks for reading!

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