Damnit Hemmings

Luke smashed his lips on mine. i knew i shouldn't, but i also felt like i had to. i kissed him back.


14. 13


David Cameron was soon going to pay for his crimes. i busted open the front door and yelled "hey asshole! come get what you deserve!" i looked around the ground floor of their small-ish house until i heard unsteady foot steps coming up from the basement. they got louder and louder until the door swung open, letting out the stench of beer. the forceful scent made my eyes water, and i was taken aback by the looks of the man. he looked even fatter and sweatier than ever.

"what are you doing 'ere, boy? go on! scat!" his words were slurred and he wobbled back and forth with a beer bottle in his hand. i was taller than him, by three or four inches. i bet i could take him in a fight.

"i will not 'scat'. i am here to give you what you rightfully deserve for beating women and children" i said matter-of-factly. "what the hell 'you talkin' 'bout, boy?" he said with his greasy hair in front of his eyes. "i mean... its your turn" my words hit him hard, and his eyes widened. then he just burst out laughing. "you? take on me?" he giggled.

"yeah actually" i said back. i paused for a second, then attacked.

my hands went strait for his throat as i pushed him up against a wall. he struggled for air as i punched his face over and over, rotating hands as i went on. i only began to back off when my knuckles bled, and i backed away. "have you had enough yet!?" i yelled in his face as he slid down to the floor. i kicked him in the stomach once and started to head for the door, when a hand grabbed my foot and took me down to the floor. i turned to lay on my back instead quickly so i could prepare for the second round of our fight. David mounted over me and i covered my face with my elbows preparing myself for the blows to the face that were yet to come.

after i waited for what felt like forever, i looked up to see David smiling down at me with a beer bottle in his hand. he raised his hand when suddenly someone burst through the kitchen door. "David. NO!" it was August who tried to come and help me. but she was too late, David smashed the Bud Light bottle up against the side of my head. the last thing i heard was the shriek of Auggy and light footsteps running towards me.

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