Damnit Hemmings

Luke smashed his lips on mine. i knew i shouldn't, but i also felt like i had to. i kissed him back.


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"Damnit Hemmings!!" Luke giggled as i playfully punched his arm. he beat me again in guitar hero!

"whats going on out here?" Calum said as he came back with food.

" Nothing babe" i said as i walked over to him and kissed him.

" Nothing babe!" Luke said in a high-pitched voice, mocking me.

" Shut up Lukey, your just jealous" Calum said laughing

" No im not! i have a my own girlfriend!" he defended himself.

" who, Amy? i hate to break it to you, but she hasnt called you back in like three weeks" Calum told him.

Luke's smile faded, and he walked down into my kitchen with sad eyes. i hit Calum in the arm with the back of my hand.

"Why'd you mention that?" i whisper-yelled.

" I-I dunno I-" he stuttered

"Im gonna go talk to him" i cut him off and ran downstairs.

Luke's feelings were obviously hurt. He really liked my friend Amy, but she was being a bitch and she stopped talking to him. they never officially broke up, but i think we all knew it was over even though Luke never said it.

"Luke?" he was sitting at my kitchen table fiddling with his fingers, his eyes watery. he looked up slightly, but then looked back at his fingers, concentrating hard.

"Whatcha lookin' at?" i said hoping he'd respond. He didn't.

"do you wanna talk about it?" he sighed

" I miss her" he paused. "you know that feeling when you're just, madly in love with someone?" i nodded.

" Thats how i felt. we were together for three months. Three! and all of a sudden, it's like she hates me. and- and the worst part of it is, i have no fucking idea why! she won't talk to me, she won't even look at me. i don't know what i did!" a tear rolled down his cheek. i wiped it away with my thumb and hugged him.

"Thanks" he whispered.

" I hope you're not mad at Calum. he didn't mean to it just-"

"no, i get it. everyones been thinking it. Mikey, Ash, Cal, even me. he was just the one to finally say it" he half smiled at me.

"Look, i'm gonna go. we'll hang our again soon." he hugged me once more. that's what's great about me and his friendship. we're best friends, and Calum doesn't mind. We're super close, ever since i met Calum me and Luke became friends.

" Okay, but really soon. I want a rematch!" i yelled. he laughed a little and walked out the door.

A/N hey guys! this is my brand new movellas. sorry for so much drama in the beginning lol. ill update soon!

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